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Martha Burks continues to be one of the most sought after musicians today. Proficient in jazz, blues, pop, gospel and R&B, she is one of the most versatile live performers around. Now she is scheduled to appear in her ninth consecutive season at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc. Martha is dedicated to not only producing extraordinary music, but also to increase understanding of the artistic, aesthetic and cultural aspects of arts. Get your Martha Burks tickets and get a chance to watch this remarkable performer live.

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About Martha Burks


Although Martha Burks has proven her music talents in a number of genres, Jazz and Blues remain her primary strengths and two of the major factors for her popularity among fans. Martha Burks is adroit in adapting her voice with every change in the melody and the musical instrument used. Her singing is more than the mere recitation of lyrics. Her vocals always lie in tandem with the changing rhythms of music and give her listeners an acoustic treat.


Her upcoming performance is scheduled to take place at the Clarence Muse Café Theater. As one of the oldest cultural arts center around, this venue is ideal for her performance. Appropriately equipped for live shows including stage plays and concerts, the arena provides a perfect platform for a concert. Martha’s forthcoming show is in fact included as part of the Juneteenth Jazz Jam. Celebrating the African-American legacy of music, particularly Jazz, the event will be a memorable one.


Martha Burks might not be a middle-of-the-road or independent performer, but she is undoubtedly one of the finest jazz and blues musicians our country has ever produced. Her music is as much a rejection of the mainstream as it is part of it. Her energy filled beats tinged with her heartfelt vocals has allowed her to cement her position not just in the company she performs with but also in the hearts of music lovers. This is your chance to watch her sprinkle the magic of her delightful voice. Get your Martha Burks tickets and join her upcoming performance.


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