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For all the fans of Marlena Shaw it’s time to enjoy her music live in concert. Belonging from New York she is a famous singer who has been entertaining people since 1967. Famous for following music genres like Jazz, blues, soul, her music is also famous for getting sampled in hip hop as well. It has also been used for television commercials. Working with record labels like Cadet Records, Blue Note and Verve, she has given numerous hit songs that still fresh in the minds of her fans. It was her uncle Jimmy Burgess who introduced her to music. He was a trumpet player of jazz at that time and he shared records of Dizzy, Miles, Al Hibbler and many others with Marlena Shaw.

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About Marlena Shaw

She gave her first performance during 1952 in Harlem at the famous Apollo Theater. She played with the band of her uncle. Because her mother thought she was too young to accompany her uncle on a tour she got her enrolled in the New York State Teachers College of Potsdam. She studied music there but later on dropped out to get married. She is a mother of five children but still determined to get on with her career. It was her love for music that kept her making occasional appearances in various jazz clubs to entertain her fans, whenever she got time. During that time, one of her most noteworthy performances was the one she gave with Howard McGhee in 1963.
A rarely known fact is that she was to perform at Newport Jazz Festival along with McGhee and band, but due to an argument with a band member she left the group. Later in the same year when she gave an audition for Columbia label. Their talent manager John Hammond took her audition and she couldn’t perform because she got very nervous. That didn’t stop her from moving forward as she kept on playing in small clubs till 1966. It was in 1966, when she got the big break she was waiting for. She played a gig in Chicago's Playboy Club chain. It was the same gig where she met the representatives of the Chess Records label and they signed her. Later on, her initial two albums were released on Cadet Records which is their subsidiary.
In 1972, she moved to the Blue Note Records and it was the same year when she recorded the album on biggest hits of disco era. The album was named as Touch Me in the Morning and it was released on Columbia Records. She has performed on the North Sea Jazz Festival from 2001 till 2007 in the Netherlands. Her singles like Never Give Up On You, Love Dancin', Pictures & Memories, Yu-Ma/Go Away, Little Boy and Be For Real made their positions on leading charts. She also got in touch with the band manager of Count Basie did singing for them for four years.
She left the Basie Orchestra in 1972 and became the first female vocalist that be signed with Blue Note Records. She has also done a tour with Sammy Davis Jr. She has recorded a total of five albums along with numerous singles for the label. Besides her commercial accliam, Marlena Shaw has been a consistent favorite of critics. Her singing style is influenced by Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. With her superb blend of jazz, pop, soul and classic R&B she has the power to dazzle her audience. She is also an expert with traditional jazz. It not just her music also her personality that makes audience listen to her when she hits the stage. It’s time to get your share of Marlena Shaw tickets because missing on her show is something you really won’t like. There are also many cheap Marlena Shaw tickets available to make it easier for you to enjoy her music live. 

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