Luckman Jazz Orchestra Rollins Tribute Tickets

“Luckman Jazz Orchestra” or LJO is one of the finest classical jazz ensembles from California. It is a critically acclaimed musical organization led by the iconic Jazz maestro Mr. Charles Owens. Owens will soon conduct the twelfth season of this talented ensemble; featuring twenty top tier jazz musicians playing the best sound the genre has to offer. Luckman Jazz Orchestra Rollins Tribute is a continuation of the season-long tribute to some of the biggest masters and the most inventive names of jazz. Owens will take the LJO’s fans to an incredible transformation of their music, backed by its all-star lineup. The event brings another season of the orchestra’s original style to life. The Luckman Jazz Orchestra Rollions tickets offer you a chance to watch a spectacle that remains unmatched.

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About Luckman Jazz Orchestra Rollins Tribute

LJO was formed in LA and has stayed with the city as part of one of its most important landmarks, the “Luckman Fine Arts Complex.” It resides in California State University’s Luckman Theater. The orchestra started in 2001 when Clifford Harper decided to create a classical jazz ensemble just for the city. From its debut in 2001 to date, LJO has made waves in public and critics’ circles all over the world. Holding the position as one of the best in jazz, the ensemble is a sought after act. Its musical excellence is manifested in each show; no wonder the orchestra has also won great acclaim locally and internationally.
Over the years LJO has successfully presented quality music and has evolved as the Cultural Ambassador of LA. LJO is renowned for its seasonal performances as well as national and international tours. The orchestra has been touring quiet extensively since its inception and has played to audiences in almost all major cities of the US. Some of its successful tours abroad include trips to Europe and South America. Concerts in Germany and Brazil were historic; they were attended by huge crowds and became two of their best loved shows ever!
LJO has a lineup of twenty seasoned musicians who are highly talented and skilled. It is also known to work with the best conductors. They are gurus who have matchless style and technique. Owen as the present conductor is a fine leader; he has worked under the wing of Clayton Hamilton Orchestra and Gerald Wilson Orchestra. He has also worked in association with John Carter, Patrice Rushen and Horace Tapscott.
LJO is home to true icons of classic jazz, who are fairly active in promoting the essence of the genre. Nolan Shaheed, Alphonse Mouzon, Fred Jackson Jr., James Newton Lanny Hartley and Kamasi Washington are names that top the list. They have received standing ovations for their epic solo performances. Shaheed is an acclaimed musical director who has worked as a part of Marvin Gaye Band. He has also worked closely with Natalie Cole, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and Raymond Harry Brown on their albums and live concerts. Saxophonist Fred Jackson Jr. is another famous name associated with the orchestra. He has collaborated many times with the iconic Grammy winning jazz pop band (of the seventies), Earth, Fire & Wind. Alphonse Mouzon is the famed musician of Marquis Who’s Who in Entertainment. He is another very skillful drummer at the orchestra.
The orchestra has been entertaining jazz lovers for the past nine seasons with exquisite concerts and tours. The tributes have poured in and have turned the LJO into a “real seasoned jazz orchestra”. Luckman Jazz Orchestra Rollins Tribute is a series that has won hearts of millions; it pays homage to the most influential names in jazz. These shows will deliver outstanding music with the help of stars like Carlos Santana, Ray Charles and Barbara Morrison. In the past, LJO has also played with and for a number of soloists like Bobby Rodriguez, Bijon Watson, Lanny Hartley and Kamasi Washington. Their close connections with the ensemble have brought forth some of the most mesmeric performances by the LJO.

Personalities like Charlie Parker, Carmen Lundy, Horace Silver, Jimmy Heath, J.J. Johnson, Kenny Dorham and Hank Mobley are a few names from the long list of artists that have been honored by the orchestra through its tribute shows. Luckman Jazz Orchestra Rollins Tribute is a special pick of the season performance that should not be missed out on. Come to experience excellent arrangements and performance with cheap Luckman Jazz Orchestra Rollins Tribute tickets.

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