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The Luckman Jazz Orchestra is a fabulous orchestra, located at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex at the California State University, in the great city of Los Angeles. This fabulous orchestra has been entertaining many with its jazz concerts, often featuring renowned musicians and artists, such as Dianne Reeves, in an upcoming concert for which Luckman Jazz Orchestra tickets are available.

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About Luckman Jazz Orchestra

The Luckman Jazz Orchestra is set to perform with the remarkable Dianne Reeves, one of the most famous jazz vocalists today and one of the most important vocalists in jazz music in the history of this breathtaking form of music. She has placed her mark on music and her incredible artistic abilities have gained her international fame with The New York Times going so far as to dub her ‘the vocal heir of Sarah Vaughan’. It is no small feat to be compared to an icon, and it is this singer who will be performing with the orchestra at this event.
The Luckman Jazz Orchestra is part of the California State University’s Luckman Fine Arts Complex in Los Angeles, at the gateway to the San Gabriel Valley. It regularly stages music, dance, visual arts, theatre and film events in a setting that is relaxing, beautiful and easily accessible from the 710 and 10 freeways. It is also easily reached from Pasadena through surface streets. It is home to the Luckman Theatre, a one thousand plus seat theater that is home to the jazz orchestra, for which many buy cheap Luckman Jazz Orchestra tickets.
The Luckman Fine Arts Complex’s Luckman Gallery also plays host to some of the most fabulous art exhibitions. The venue also plays host to catered receptions, concerts and dancing events on the fabulous Street of the Arts. The Intimate Theatre is a three hundred seat theatre that offers more up and close entertainment. The complex was built in 1994 and was designed by the Luckman Partnership Inc, known for such landmark buildings as the Madison Square Garden, the Los Angeles Forum and the Los Angeles International Airport.
It has been designed to reflect the strength and beauty of the old California, portrayed through sun drenched brick buildings and a street with dramatic columns and arches. The complex has been described as a blend of the new and the old, in the style of a Roman forum but complete with a design that defines the true spirit of Southern California. The Luckman Theatre features excellent sightlines and acoustics with a proscenium that is forty eight feet wide and an orchestra pit that can seat sixty musicians. 
Dianne Reeves is an American jazz singer who has been active since 1983 and is from Detroit, Michigan. She was born to a musical family with a singer father and a trumpeter mother, with her cousin, George Duke, a renowned keyboard and piano player. Her father passed away when she was two years old and her mother raised her and her sister, Sharon. She grew fond of the piano at a young age and aspired to be a singer. Charles Burrell, her uncle and a Denver Symphony Orchestra bass player introduced her to jazz music, leading to her listening to the likes of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, growing particularly fond of Sarah Vaughan. 

With her high school band, she performed at a music festival where she met trumpeter Clark Terry, who would go on to become her mentor. She studied music at the University of Colorado, going on to tour with Eduardo del Barrio and singing in Billy Childs’ Night Flight. She also toured with Sergio Mendes and then with Harry Belafonte as his lead singer. She became the first vocalist signed onto the newly reactivate Blue Note/EMI Records, continuing a career that has led to her winning for Grammy Awards for the Best Jazz Performance. She is the only singer to have won the award for three consecutive albums. She has performed at such events as the Winter Olympic Games. She has released nineteen albums to date, each making her worthy of a live see at this concert. So book your tickets and enjoy the show!

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