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Kim Massie is an exceptionally talented musician who has been entertaining audiences throughout the United States as well as different parts of the world ever since she started her musical career back in the year 1999. Her live performances are excellent and you can ask anyone who has been to one of her performances earlier in their life about how good she is. She has gone on a number of tours around the United States and has also made a number of appearances at some of the most iconic dance events and music festivals held throughout the country. You now have the opportunity of seeing her perform live for yourself and all you are required to do to make it happen is to purchase your Kim Massie tickets at the first chance that you get because tickets may be sold out real soon.

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About Kim Massie

Kim Massie hails from the city of St. Louis in Missouri. Her interest in music started to show when she was a little girl but it was quite later on in her life that she caught the attention of others around her. Despite the fact that she was part of gospel choirs during her early years, she was never really considered to possess the talents that would make her a star in the musical industry which is also the reason why she was never given proper vocal training earlier in her life. Her earliest experiences related to music came when she was a little girl who played for gospel choirs in the city of East Saint Louis in Illinois. She always dreamt of becoming a vocalist in the future but never really spoke out or demonstrated her talents in places where it would have mattered.
It was in the year 1999, after she had come back to her native city of St. Louis, that she finally got her lucky break. It was the legendary saxophonist who went by the name Oliver Sain who discovered her remarkable singing skills. The discovery was made her he had a sitting with her and after being mesmerized by the amount of potential that she had, he went on to encourage her to pursue her dreams. Kim Massie, after getting the nod from Oliver Sain, went on to form her own band which went by the name Solid Senders. She has been associated with a number of different musical genres ever since and the list includes soul music, jazz music, blues music, R&B music, gospel music and funk music. Her voice is so incredible that she has skyrocketed towards becoming one of the most popular vocalists in the country. Today, she is also recognized as one of the most popular vocalists located in the Midwest and she continues to make headlines whenever she gets up on stage to perform in front of her fans.
Kim Massie has achieved quite a lot ever since she came out of her shell in the year 1999. She has mesmerized audiences throughout the country and her talents have earned her two Best Female Vocalist of the Year awards which were presented to her by the Riverfront Times. That is, however, not all that she has won in her remarkable career as she was awarded with the Grand Center Visionary Award in the year 2005 as a result of her extraordinary musical talents. She also has had the honor of sharing the musical stage with some iconic musicians which includes the likes of Nelly and Chuck Berry. Her vocal talents are sought after by a number of different organizations in the country, which includes the MLB as well as Boeing, and she performs for them too whenever she gets the chance. You now have the opportunity of seeing her perform live and all you got to do to make it happen is to buy your cheap Kim Massie tickets today.

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