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Alternative rock trio, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is best known for their eccentric music style which is strongly embedded in rock and roll but also combines elements of rap, rhythm and blues, noise rock, soul, rockabilly, garage, blues and punk. Since its inception in 1991, the band has issued seven studio albums, numerous singles, remix albums, out-take albums, as well as collaborative records with R.L. Burnside and Dub Narcotic Sound System.  The band comprises of Judah Bauer on harmonica, guitar, lead and backing vocals; Jon Spencer on theremin, vocals, and guitar; and Russell Simins on percussion. The group’s popularity prompted Shirehorses to create a parody of the band, portraying them in correspondence to their name alternative such as The John & Spencer Booze Explosion, and Frank Spencer Blues Explosion.

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About Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Their most recent hits include the songs, Gadzooks, Bag of Bones, No Reservations, Crunchy, Hot Gossip, Burn it Off, Sweet ‘n’ Sour and She Said, all of which were released after 2000. Owing to the band’s broad range of sounds, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tickets are the raging talk of town among rock fans as well as music lovers who enjoy the incorporation of the various genre elements in their material.
Jon Spencer went to Brown University in Rhode Island where he played in a noise rock band called Shithaus, just before relocated to Washington, D.C. and joined another group Pussy Galore, which soon moved to New York. Spencer then found himself performing and recording with Boss Hog, Gibson Bros., as well as Honeymoon Killers. Around the same time, Appleton-based Judah Bauer was playing in The Spitters, with Russell Simins, who came from Queens, New York. The two recorded together as part of the band Crowbar Massage.  By the time Jon Spencer Blues Explosion was formed, the artists had gained exposure to other the sounds, techniques and styles of other bands, the influence of which they brought forth in Blues Explosion. The band has since signed with various labels such as Matador Records in the US, Mute Records in the UK, Crypt Records in Germany and Shout Factory in the US again.  
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have been credited for cultivating the new punk blues sound though the nineties, which later gained momentum when other bands emerged in the blues genre as well as band that cropped up in the punk inspired rock category, like the Oblivions. Many years later, music groups such as The Immortal Lee County Killers, The White Stripes and Soledad Brothers have continued on the same sound patterns set by Blues Explosion. Over the years, the group established quite a reputation for rocking large crowds and since 2010, began performing more frequently with other bands in live shows in different parts of the world including the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In fact, that year the group made its first appearance in London, after their Don’t Look Back show at Koko in 2005. During these shows, they played their previously un-released material such as the cover of Black Flag’s My War.
They continued to play scores of shows in Europe through the middle of 2011, included a performance at Primavera Festival. Soon enough they were booked to play at All Tomorrow’s Parties 2012 festival, having been chosen by Jeff Mangum himself. Through the many decades of music-making, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion has maintained an open, experimental approach, recording unconventional techniques and trying out new sounds, due to which they have had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of artists such as Beastie Boys’ Ad Rock, Martina Topley-Bird, Steve Jordan, David Holmes, Willie Weeks, Bernie Worrell, Cody Dickinson, Luther Dickinson, Jim Dickinson, Jill Cunniff, Othar Turner, Dan The Automator, Calvin Johnson, Money Mark, Chuck D, UNKLE, James Chance, Rob K, Steve Albini, DJ Shadow, Rufus Thomas, Solomon Burke, Beck,  Elliott Smith, Alec Empire, Dr. John, and Andre Williams.
Blue Explosions are again playing a series of live shows; rocking crowds and celebrating rock music like never before, so hurry and grab some cheap Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tickets.

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