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Andrew Hozier Byrne, known popularly as Hozier, is an Irish singer and song writer. His debut album Hozier was released in October 2014, which featured the hit song “Take me to Church.” This songgot more than 11.5 million views on YouTube. It has sold more than 500,000 copies and is being streamed 1.3 million times per week. Ireland’s hottest new export, as fans call him, released his first self titled album in October, 2014 and immediately received a great response from the audience. This 24-year old music genius has given the young artists a run for their money. Grab your Hozier tickets asap.

About Hozier


At a live performance in a show, Hozier proved his talent by performing live beautifully. The melodious cello and backup singers added sparks to the song, and his solo guitar performance stunned the crowd. The lyrics of his songs are so deep and his vocals so strong that he takes the audience to another world. In a very short time, Hozier has achieved mainstream success. His song “Take me to the church” has been nominated in the MTV Europe Music Awards for the “Best song with a social message” and in the Grammy Awards for “Song of the year.”  His album Hozier has won the European Border Breaker Award for the “Album of the year.”


His album includes some heartwarming tracks such as “Angel of small death”, “Like real people do”, “In the woods somewhere”, “To be alone”, and “My love will never die”. Radio stations cannot stop raving about these songs, and his music videos have taken the social media by storm.


What people love about Hozier’s songs the most is the intensity with which he delivers the youthful lyrics. When Hozier announced that he will be touring around the world in 2015, his tickets started selling like hot cakes. The level of excitement that this artist has brought among listeners of all age groups is commendable. All the songs in his albums have a distinctive melody, which makes them very hummable.


Apart from the sensual rhythm of Hosier’s songs, the thought provoking lyrics act like an icing on the cake. His concert is the perfect way to spend a romantic and exciting night with your loved one. So let Hozier pull your heartstrings by singing in his magical voice. Get cheap Hozier tickets today.