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The son of world famous musician, Frank Sinatra is coming to Lakeland for a live concert! He has been singing for the past 50 years and has made a great connection with millions of people out there. He belongs to a family of super talented musicians so singing has never been a problem for him. It’s in the genes and is 100 % genuine. Frank Jr has been doing massive live concerts around the globe ever since he laid hands on singing. He has performed in 30 countries and 47 states till date and is still on the go with the same level of passion.

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Besides that, he has always been in touch with the media in some way. He has appeared on Late Night With David Letterman, Son of the Beach, Family Guy, The Defenders and the list is never ending. He was also offered a role in a Star Trek movie which e turned down for some reason. Everybody out there loves him one way or another. It’s either his singing or outstanding television appearances.
This man is a show stopper and a living legend off course. Having such a strong background of the entertainment business has left him flawless and with no comparison whatsoever. The level of experience that he has is not very common out there. He has perfect knowledge about the classical American music and that is what people love about him. Your Frank Sinatra Jr Lakeland Ticket is going to bring in a set of timeless memories!