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Two of the most enticing pop/rock bands are performing live and there is no resistance to that fact. The Knee Deep Shag and the Domestic Problems performing in one concert will be an most energizing experience for the audience. Book your Domestic Problems Knee Deep Shag ticket and watch these bands which are too hot to handle.

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About Domestic Problems Knee Deep Shag

One of the most radical and innovative bands in the music industry the Knee Deep Shag is a perfect entertainment to enjoy live. Their genre of music is pop funk with their style being alternative pop/rock, alternative/indie rock and jam bands. This diverse styled group was founded in 1997 in USA with its band members consisting of Phil Barry as guitarist, Rob Cookman on the keyboards, Mike Fuerst as the Bassist, Matt Gross as the vocals and last but not the least the famous drummer Jeff Moehle. This band gives life to music and an amazing energy which is not seen in other band.
They have released three astounding satiating albums the Live, Vol. 1, Good Disguise and Stimulating Intuition. Their song writing has been ecstatic and a blend of all the right elements for making rock/pop music. They have won the Detroit Music Awards twice for their rare music and songs in the nineties. They have been as famous on the Billboards like Wilco, Eve 6, Better than Ezra. They are in the limelight in the MTV2 forums for their rare taste of music, lyrics and production.
Knee Deep Shag have won awards and competitions like the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Competition Honorable Mention for Get Used to It penned by Jeff, 2002 Musicians Atlas Independent Music Award, 2000 Pine Knob Opening Act Competition: First place and the 2000 Lucky Strike Band to Band Competition State Finalist. After the Kalamazoo band’s 2004 spilt up, they are working again in a reunion and experiencing and rediscovering themselves, the fan surge and performance extravaganza once again. The group members have worked hard for the acknowledgment of the soul and body of their music. Knee Deep Shag is organizing events and album release parties to stir the hearts of their fans in USA and globally. So be there at the Domestic Problems Knee Deep Shag concert to enjoy them live.
Despite being one of the bands under the pop/rock genre the band Domestic Problems has a very unique musical identity. This band from Grand Rapids, Michigan USA has a crunk, pop/rock genre with the labels generally being indie style. Domestic Problems band member include Andy Holtgreive as vocalist, Billy Kenny as guitarist, Job Grotsky on saxophone and flute, John Niedzielski as vocalist and guitarist, Matt Fouts as bassist and Reggie Ness as the drummer and founded the band in 1992. Their record label is the Triple Rocks Record. The band albums include Patiently CD in 2008, Scattered Pieces in 1996, a Live CD in 1999 and Play CD in 1997. Their songs sounds even better live, so don’t miss out on the Domestic Problems Knee Deep Shag concert.
They have one of most astounding rock/pop songs with exclusive music style. Domestic Problems have a very huge fan following and has been well-known as one the best pop/rock bands of their times. Their list of most popular songs is quite big, some of them are 24 Hours, Summer In The Sandbox, My Only Love, Where, Domestic Problems, James Francis, Beautiful Girl, I Think It's Funny and many more. Domestic Problems have been on tours in USA and international forums for the love of their fans. And now at the Domestic Problems Knee Deep Shag concert they are again performing this year in June with awesome passion and avant-garde force not very known in the music industry. Don’t forget to get your Domestic Problems Knee Deep Shag tickets. There are also cheap Domestic Problems Knee Deep Shag tickets to keep your cost under budget.

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