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Debi and Ricky A Night of Jazz is a spectacular event taking place at the famous Madison Theatre, featuring two of the best known names in jazz music. The renowned Ricky Nye and the sensational Debi, with accomplished artist Bekah Williams. This is a concert that is playing host to some of the most astounding jazz music in the US, a fact that has led to many buying up Debi and Ricky A Night of Jazz tickets.

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About Debi and Ricky A Night Of Jazz

What makes the Debi and Ricky A Night of Jazz concert even more exciting is that it is held to benefit over a hundred children with AIDS. This is thus an event that not only features sumptuous jazz music but is also charitable, for a good cause, making it the ultimate jazz concert. It stars Ricky Nye, an American jazz musician from Cincinnati, Ohio who was born in 1956. At the age of five, he was attracted to music and in 1979, he kicked off a highly successful career that has continued to date. He plays the accordion, piano and organ, amongst many instruments.
Ricky Nye has performed rock music, jazz music and even funk. He spent the late seventies and eighties as a member of the famous group, The Raisins, and even went on to play with artists such as Big Ed Thompson, playing country, blues, boogie woogie, zydeco and even New Orleans style music for thousands. He has recorded music with many famous artists, including James Hartman, Jason Ricci, Junior Watson, Darrell Nulisch and Francine Reed.
Ricky Nye, one of the performers at the Debi and Ricky A Night of Jazz concert, has also founded two amazing bands. The first of this is Ricky Nye & The Red Hots, a band that has won many awards including the Cammy Awards’ Best Blues Band, an award handed out by the Cincinnati Enquirer. He has also founded the Ricky Nye Inc, known also as the Swingin’ Mudbugs, a band that has helped him record such sensational albums as Quick N’ Dirty and Piano is Fun. As a solo artist, he has released many albums as well as won many an award.
He has won the Best Blues/R&B Artist Award at the Cammy Awards six times, in 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2010 and in 2013. He has also won the Cammy Awards’ Best Blues/R&B Instrumentalist. He has also played music with vocalist Bekah Williams, an artist who is also performing at this event, and Dottie Warner, amongst others. From 1996 onwards, he has been performing at the famous Queen City Blues Fest, which has led to collaborations and performances with the likes of Fabrice Eulry, Chris Conz, Lluis Coloma, Julien Brunetaud, Joerg Hegemann, Renaud Patigny and Mr. Boogie Woogie, amongst others.
Debi is a famous American singer, a vocalist who has astound audiences with her amazing voice, a voice that has led to many buying cheap Debi and Ricky A Night of Jazz tickets for the upcoming concert. She has also performed many times with Ricky Nye, as well as with some of the best known jazz musicians and graced many a stage with her presence. Bekah Williams is an American artist, best known as a gospel singer, who began performing at a young age in church and then went on to perform jazz and blues music. By the age of sixteen, she was recording music and today, regularly sings with renowned pianist Ricky Nye. Together, these three artists are ones to catch live at this AIDS affect children benefit concert.

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