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The Dazz Band is a phenomenal American band that has been rocking America with its catchy tunes and breathtaking live shows since the eighties. This Grammy Award winning band is a funk music band that is widely regarded as one of the most popular band of the eighties particularly in its unique genre of music. Today, The Dazz Band is still hitting the American and international music scene regularly to provide some of the most mind blowing live performances ever seen, performances numerous people flock to see live through The Dazz Band tickets. This amazing American funk band hails from the city of Cleveland within the great American state of Ohio and has been active since the early eighties. Today, this is a band that still rocks America with its sensational music, a band to be caught live at any venue through Cheap The Dazz Band tickets.

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Dazz Band

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
The Dazz Band Cache Creek Casino Resort - Club 88 Brooks Saturday
11/25/2017 8:00 PM
Philly Funk Fest Megashow: Lakeside, Bar Kays, Mary Jane Girls, Dazz Band, Steve Arrington & GQ Liacouras Center Philadelphia Saturday
12/2/2017 7:30 PM

About Dazz Band

The Dazz Band, a phenomenal funk music band from the eighties, was one of the most popular bands of its kind back in the eighties in America to the point that this band became a Grammy Award winning band. It emerged from the local Cleveland, Ohio music scene back in the eighties and soon rose to the heights of fame through its amazingly catchy tunes that were loved all over America. This include the song Let It Whip, released in 1982 that earned a Grammy Award, 1983’s Joystick and 1984’s Let It All Blow. These songs as well as the band’s fascinating albums led to The Dazz Band becoming a name known to most American music lovers, a funk music band that is still loved today.
The Dazz Band has a name that in itself describes the band’s music; The Dazz Band’s Dazz stands for danceable jazz and that is what this American funk music band’s music is all about. Though the band rose to fame back in the eighties, it was initially formed in 1976 by members of yet another local Cleveland, Ohio band, Bell Telefunk. Bell Telefunk was a jazz fusion band and its members soon became the Kinsman Dazz. Two years later, this band was signed onto 20th Century Records by Joe Lewis and the band began working on their first album in Los Angeles, California. In 1978, this awesome band released its first single I Might as Well Forget About Loving You following it up with 1979’s Catchin' Up on You. In 1980, the band’s name changed to what it is today and was signed on to the record label, Motown Records.
In 1980, The Dazz Band expanded and added many new members; the first big hit came out in 1980 and it was titled as Shake It Up. This song took America by storm and paved the way for the band’s first album, Invitation to Love, released the same year. The first hit single from this band’s debut album was Invitation to Love and it started off a number of hit songs for the band. The next year, The Dazz Band was back with yet another album Let The Music Play which contained the hit single Knock! Knock!. Hardly a year had passed that this amazing funk music band was yet at it again with a new album, 1982’s Keep It Live. This album spawned the massive hit single, Let It Whip which not only ranked first on the R&B Charts but also went on to win a Grammy Award for the Best R&B Performance for the band.
From then on, The Dazz Band was synonymous with success; a string of amazing hit singles were released including Party Right Here, Joystick and Let It All Blow which was also a successful hit in the UK. More albums were released including On the One, Joystick, Wild & Free, Jukebox and Hot Spot. In the nineties, The Dazz Band was again rocking this time performing at many international events including festivals with many going to watch this band live through The Dazz Band tickets.
Today, this band is made up of Bobby Harris, multi-instrumentalist, Sennie Skip Martin vocalist and trumpet player and Marlon McClain, guitarist and vocalist. This Grammy Award winning is definitely a band to see live in action through Cheap The Dazz Band tickets for the best ever funk music you have ever experience, a must for all fans of The Dazz Band, funk music and sensational songs!

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