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Enjoy different saxophone tunes in the signature style of David Sanborn, live! The artist is coming to your town. Hurry and get your David Sanborn Trio tickets before they are all sold out! David Sanborn is renowned and revered as one of the greatest saxophone players of all times. The artist has been part of the music industry since the early sixties. He has inspired number of musicians with work that includes different genres of music such as jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and pop. Admired as a naturally gifted performer, he has helped in defining the modern sound of saxophone, influencing a generation alongside.

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About David Sanborn Trio

After a successful tour with the well known bassist, Marcus Miller and keyboardist George Duke, Sanborn is heading out for another amazing live performance and David Sanborn Trio tickets are in demand already. David Sanborn took up music when he was fighting the battle with polio. He was diagnosed with the disease, at the age of three and was introduced to saxophone as a part of his treatment therapy. It didn’t take him long to develop an interest in playing and by the age of fourteen the artist came up with tunes that deserved appreciation.

Sanborn was lucky enough to play with legends such as Little Milton and Albert King during his teenage years. He further polished his music skills by taking up music at Northwestern University. He studied with the talented saxophonist JR Monterose, who taught him the unique way he played the instrument. The commercial start of David Sanborn’s career was with Butterfield Blues Band. His exposure made him a perfect choice for being a supporting artist of well known singers such as Stevie Wonder and David Bowie during their tours. Gaining the best experiences from the popular artists, he moved to New York City that introduced him as a solo artist.

Sanborn collaborated with singers like James Taylor and Paul Simon and worked on his own album alongside. He released his solo album; ‘Taking Off’ in the mid seventies that reached the nineteenth position on the Billboard’s Jazz Albums Chart and further strengthened his career. It has been more than three decades since its launch, but is still considered as a classic in the music industry. The artist has released a total 29 albums so far with ‘Only Everything’ as the latest one. In a musical journey spanning over more than three decades, David Sanborn has won six Grammy Awards. Of all his studio album releases, eight have been certified as gold and one as platinum. The music industry praises him to be one of the most active jazz musicians, with tour dates that make more than 150 on average in a year.

David Sanbron’s passion for music grew out of the desire to fight polio and intensified with time which made him one of the prominent jazz musicians of the industry. His public appearance as a singer did not limit him to the music industry but also introduced him to the entertainment industry as an actor and a host. The Wizard of Oz in a Concert, Scrooged and Sunday Night are shows that highlight his profile of work. Sanborn is known to be an artist who pushes the limits and transcend different genres to make music. His tunes challenge the mind and go straight to the heart, gaining appreciation from millions of audiences across the world. The brilliant expression of feelings, reflecting different moods makes his music entertaining for audiences of different age groups. David Sanborn’s music is one that makes you fall in love with saxophone. If you haven’t got a chance to listen to him live, do not miss the chance of being at his upcoming concert! We are offering cheap David Sanborn Trio tickets with a special discount offer. Avail it and place your order for David Sanborn Trio tickets before they are all sold out!

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