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With plenty of platinum albums on the shelves, Dave Brubeck is a true jazz legend. The Californian born jazz pianist enjoys immense respect and popularity at the pinnacle of the genre. In terms of his achievements and accolades, he is one of the most accomplished jazz pianists to hail from the state of California and has the honor of being the first jazz pianist to grace the cover of Time Magazine. He often associates and performs with his quartet which goes by the name of Dave Brubeck Quartet. Even though Brubeck is in his late eighties now, he still manages to bring such exuberance and passion to the stage that just about any of his performances can guarantee a standing ovation. He draws massive appreciation and respect from both the fans as well as the fellow musicians, who hold him in high regards.

About Dave Brubeck Tickets

The sixty nine year old musical career of the legendary artist is bedazzled with much recognition in the form of awards. In order to list each and every award that landed in his lap one could fill pages and pages while trying to do justice to both his talent as well as his accomplishments. Following is the list of some of the recently won awards. The last decade has been worth mentioning in terms of some hard-earned awards. He has recently been awarded the George Washington University Honorary Degree, as well as the Kennedy Centre Honor. In 2008, he was inducted into California Hall of Fame. Some of the biggest awards that were bestowed upon him were the BBC Jazz Lifetime Achievement Award and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Some of the other accolades he won during his career include National Medal of Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, DownBeat Hall of Fame, Laetare Medal (University of Notre Dame) among several others.

Dave Brubeck grew up in the state of California and like his mother took piano lessons. Interestingly, unlike his siblings, he did not ever show real interest in becoming a professional musician. He went on to study veterinary science but changed his line at the advice of his teacher. His poor eye sight and his inability to read musical sheets nearly got him expelled from his music school. The school finally agreed to let Brubeck graduate when he promised not to teach piano. Even though he has been actively involved in music making ever since he was twenty years old, he only organized his band by the name of The Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1951. The band's primary venue for performing back in the 1950s was the San Francisco's Black Hawk nightclub. Along with performing at the nightclubs, the quartet also started touring college campuses which increased their exposure and ultimately landed Dave Brubeck on the cover of Time magazine.

To date, he has released a multitude of albums. Time Out was one of his many albums which was registered as a platinum selling album for the jazz musicians. In return for his services, in 1996, he was granted the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Some ten years later, he received the University of Notre Dame's Laetare Medal. In 2008 Brubeck received a Benjamin Franklin Award for Public Diplomacy from United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. During the same year, Brubeck was inducted into the California Hall of Fame. A year later, he became the Kennedy Center Honoree in return for his services for arts. One of his most recent awards include the Miles-Davis Award, which he won at the Montreal International Jazz Festival. With all of the above mentioned accolades and achievements, Dave Brubeck is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished jazz musicians to hail from the state of California. He is one artist who lets his music do the talking. Catch him in action by purchasing your Dave Brubeck Tickets as soon as possible!