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Soul forever has been one of the most soul soothing music genres of all time. To celebrate the artists who have made it so famous and loved the Jazz Arts Group Columbus bring to you the Respect Soul Legends event. It is a show dedicated to some of the biggest legends of soul music over the course of history and is a tribute to their achievement. Fans, grab your Respect Soul Legends tickets now for this is a show that will simply take your breathe away.

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About Columbus Jazz Orchestra Respect Soul Legends

Soul music has its roots in the early parts of the 1950’s. It originated from the African-American community at the start of the 1950’s when the musicians started to combine conventional African American gospel music with the rhythm and blues to come up with a new form of music. Ray Charles is thought off by many as the guy who invented the genre and made it famous with his early 1950 hit I Got a Woman. Over the years we have been lucky enough to witness and listen to names like Jackie Wilson, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Al Green and more recently Christina Aguilera and Adele amongst many others mesmerize us with ever evolving sound that is now very closely linked with Jazz too.
Keeping that glorious past, present and by the looks of it the future in mind the Jazz Arts Group of Columbus also known as JAG decided to come up with the Respect Soul Legends program to pay homage to everything soul. JAG is a non-profit organization that is geared towards promoting, producing and performing jazz to make its contribution towards the genres legacy. The Respect Soul Legends event is an initiative of the organizations sub-division the Columbus Jazz Orchestra (CJO). One of the most important aspects of JAG and its efforts is that it provides equal opportunity to people who have talent based solely on one factor, talent. With initiatives like the CJO and many other programs it keeps the tradition alive and makes sure that the present and the future are even brighter.
One of the biggest of those initiatives is the Respect Soul Legends event which is a part of the festivities that accompany the Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM). JAM is a celebration that lasts the entire month of April ever year to pay homage to some of the biggest names to make the genre what it is today. Arranged and organized by the Smithsonian’s National Museum since 2001 it has now become a huge annual spectacle. Movies, lectures, concerts and various other programs are conducted all through the month to make it a totally unique event of its kind anywhere in the world. People from every walk of life come to attend the event every year in droves and one of the biggest attractions of them all is the Respect Soul Legends concert.
Chris Pierce will be one of the artists showing his appreciation to legends like James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Ike & Tine, Otis Reading and Aretha Franklin to make at the Respect Soul Legends. Chris himself is a wonderful exponent of soul who has been one the music scene since 1995. He was fascinated by soul from a very early age and by the time he was fifteen he was showing his talents be playing local gigs in LA. He has since gone on to become an artist that has performed with huge names like B.B.King, SEAL, Ben Harper, Colbie Caillat and Al Green etc. On top of that he has a schedule takes him to perform at over one hundred and fifty shows a year. Sharing the stage with him to make sure Respect Soul Legends tickets are sold without a hitch will be the amazing Bobbi “Floyd” Townes. Bobbi has made quite a reputation for herself during her time fronting her group Fresh Wreckage. Being the daughter of the CJO pianist Bobby Floyd, she knows what Respect Soul Legends really stands for.
Just like every year this year’s Respect Soul Legends promises to be a sell-out event the only difference is that it will be bigger and better than ever before. The fact it has a lot of history attached to it makes watching it all the more worthwhile. For anyone who wants to be a part of this momentous occasion cheap Respect Soul Legends tickets to give them a chance to go and watch what makes the genre so sensational and that too, live!
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