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Amongst the many unsung greats of the world of jazz is a name that at first mention, one might assume to be that of a comedian or a hip hop artist. On the contrary, the music that Chic Corea produces is hardly a laughing matter, having been embellished with numerous awards, including 18 Grammies that themselves were clinched from out of more than four dozen nominations. His eclectic repertoire spans half-a-century, entailing collaborations with the who's who of the jazz pantheon, such as Herbie Hancock, Béla Fleck and Mile Davis and involving experimentation with electronic keyboards and synthesizers. His career is structured around solo stints as well as time spent with a laundry list of acts , groups and bands, most prominently the Miles Davis's band, Herbie Hann and Blue Mitchell. Claim your Chic Corea tickets now to immerse your senses in a jazz Jacuzzi.

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About Chic Corea

Chic Corea was born as Armando Anthony Corea during the time of WWII in Chelsea, Massachusetts. His piano playing prowess was borne out at age four and the compositions of Beethoven and Mozart soon started effusing from his fingers. Chic's contemporary influences have included Horace Silver and Bud Powell and his early playing style was polished by playing with the respective bands of Willie Bobo, Mongo Santamaria, Blue Mitchell, Stan Getz and Herbie Hann during the 1960s. His formal musical development entailed stints at the Columbia University and the Julliard School after he moved to New York and subsequently established himself in the Big Apple.
Chic Corea's first major album release was Tones for Joan's Bones that came out in 1966 whilst he was the leader of a jazz ensemble at that time and was followed up by Now He Sings, Now He Sobs two years later. However, Chic's prolific fare started pouring out with more fervor when he started playing as a pianist in the place of Herbie Hancock in Miles Davis' band. It was during this time in the late sixties and the onset of the seventies that Chic Corea began to tinker around with electronic equipment in addition to his regular electric piano, such as the ring modulator that he frequently used during his performances to distort and tweak the pitch and loudness of the tones coming out. Your cheap Chick Corea tickets will treat you to an electronic earful of his resounding repertory.  However, it was Chic's work whilst at the helm of the band Return to Forever that resulted on his first major niche carving experience, when Light as a Feather released in 1973 peaked at the 6th spot on the US Jazz Albums chart. The follow-up Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy, being heavily inspired by his newfound devotion to Scientology and the pseudo space-age Dianetics, charted on the Billboard 200 and became Chic's second top-ten record on the Jazz Albums chart.
It was also during the mid-seventies that Chic Corea's music, now having the patronage of Scientology, started to garner Grammy Awards, the first of which coming his way in 1976 for his group Return to Forever's piece, "No Mystery". The following year saw him clinch a pair of Grammies for the instrumental piece "Leprechaun's Dream" as well as for the respective record The Leprechaun. The album also became Chic's first to go top-fifty on Billboard 200 and his first Jazz Albums chart-topper. Chic Corea's album offering during the rest of the seventies and eighties kept the pace of chart success alive that had been set by The Leprechaun. Records such as 1977's My Spanish Heart, 1978's The Mad Hatter and Friends, 1979's Secret Agent and An Evening With Herbie Hancock & Chic Corea, 1980's Tap Step, 1982's Touchstone, 1987's Light Years and 1988's Eye Of The Beholder  all went top-ten on the Jazz Albums chart, with 1989's Chic Corea Akoustic Band topping the Top Jazz Albums chart.
With the nineties unleashing a jazz bonanza of albums from Chic Corea's bag of musical treats such as Beneath The Mask and Remembering Bud Powell and the new millennium showering more such as The Enchantment and Forever, his Grammy bounty continued to grow. His latest additions are his double-whammy of "Best Improvised Jazz Solo" and "Best Jazz Instrumental Album" that he clinched in 2012 for "500 Miles High" and the respective record Forever. So secure some Chic Corea tickets now to get doused with copious doses of some juicy jazz melodies.  

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