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Charlie Musselwhite is an electric blues singer, musician, harmonica player and songwriter belonging to Kosciusko, Mississippi. He got famous during the 60s along with singers like Paul Butterfield and Mike Bloomfield. Because of his accomplishments the character Don Aykroyd from the television show “Blues Brothers” was inspired by Musselwhite. He was born in a family where his dad was a harmonica and guitar player and a mom played piano, the music was in his soul. By getting cheap Charlie Musselwhite Toronto tickets you can now attend his live show in your city.

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During Charlie Musselwhite’s teenage years the Memphis’ music scene was going through a phase of electric blues, African music and rock n’ roll. The stars famous during that era included names such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Will Shade. To financially support his dream of earning a name in the field of music, he worked hard, laying concrete, digging ditches and doing other labor work. Later he started performing at random pubs during his free time. Gradually people of the town started to know him as a bluesman.
Charlie Musselwhite started his music career professionally by forming a blues band. Till the date, he has released more than twenty albums and has won several Grammy Awards. If you want to attend a concert by this accomplished bluesman in a live setup, secure Charlie Musselwhite Toronto tickets today.

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