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Three guitar maestros are coming to your city to rock the stage. The California Guitar Trio is a band of three gifted musicians who belong to different countries. Together, they create a unique blend of astounding compositions that you can now listen to in a live setting. Make sure to get your cheap California Guitar Trio tickets for its upcoming performance.

About California Guitar Trio

The body of the band consists of Hideyo Moraya from Japan, Bert Lams from Belgium and Paul Richards from the US. They all met at a guitar craft course and later on became the California Guitar Trio. Some of the genres that they usually cover in their music consist of chamber jazz, instrumental rock, new age, post-rock, new acoustic and progressive rock. In their live concerts, the audience gets to listen to original compositions, re-workings of classical music and surf covers. The trio provides its fans with musical versatility in terms of guitar playing techniques along with a hint of humor. This totally makes them more fun to listen to live.
The California Guitar Trio is influenced by world music, European classical music, blues, surf music and rock. At the 2000 Olympic Games, the trio’s music was featured and broadcasted on various major channels including ESPN, CBS, CNN WorldBeat and NBC. California Guitar Trio also lent their expertise to the Grammy nominated song “Apollo” by the musician Tony Levin. In NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavor Wake Up campaign, the band’s music was also used. California Guitar Trio has been in the music industry for over two decades now. They’ve worked with some prominent record labels including Karate Body Records and Inner Knot Records. The trio is also known for sharing the stage with some of the big names of the music industry such as Jon Anderson, David Sylvian, Taj Mahal, Simon Phillips and John McLaughlin, among others. As they set the stage on fire with their latest live act, reserve the best California Guitar Trio tickets and have a wonderful time.  
To date, California Guitar Trio has released 17 studio albums that consist of a repertoire of groundbreaking compositions.  Innovation is something that has made them what they are today, true rock stars. Other than creating original music, the ensemble is well-known for covering the songs of some of the legends of the industry such as Bach, Rossini, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Part. In the upcoming live concert, you might also get to listen to some of the classic hits of the 20s. The band’s music covers every generation, so the adults in the crowd can enjoy good old classics, whereas the youngsters can listen to the original numbers.
The California Guitar Trio is known for its technical brilliance in guitar playing. Several bands try to copy their musical approach but always find it hard to come up to their level.  The band’s 2013 concert tour has already begun. The musical venture will be covering a number of cities all over the US including New York, Texas, California, Illinois and so on. The band will also be performing live in Ontario Canada in the coming months. Get ready to see the California Guitar Trio in some of the prominent venues such as the Colonial Theater, Niagara Center for the Arts, Keegan Ales, Iron Horse Music Hall and Helena Civic Center. Fellow musician Tony Levin will also be accompanying the band in some of the concert dates. Most of the venues are already out of tickets which means you need to hurry up and secure the best California Guitar Trio tickets as soon as you can.