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Vocal genius, Bobby McFerrin is ranked as one of the most original and distinctive singers in modern music. He is equally skilled in pop, classical and jazz genres. Before making his singing debut in 1977, Bobby toured and played with some cabaret acts, dance troupes and cover bands. It is the result of his efforts and constant touring that once again Bobby McFerrin will be seen live. Bobby McFerrin tickets will give you an opportunity to watch this talented artist blazing the stage with his brilliant performance.

About Bobby Mcferrin

Prior to starting his career as a solo artist, Bobby sang with the music band Astral Projection. Bobby McFerrin made an appearance in Playboy Jazz Festival with the help of the comedian Bill Cosby, who made arrangements for McFerrin to perform in the show in 1980. In 1984, Bobby released “The Voice” and got famous as an artist who made his debut with a renowned record label. Bobby’s Blue Note “Spontaneous Inventions,” came out in 1985 featuring contributions from Robin Williams and Herbie Hancock. Bobby also gained mainstream exposure by singing the theme song for The Bill Cosby Show.
With his 1988’s record “Simple Pleasures”, Bobby spawned the pop smash hit "Don't Worry, Be Happy" that topped the charts and brought widespread recognition to him from all over the world. The single earned Bobby McFerrin ‘Record Of The Year’ and ‘Song Of the Year’ awards. With “Hush” released in 1992, Bobby shifted gears and joined hands with Yo-Yo Ma. The album spent more than two years on the Billboard Classical Crossover charts. His success along with his unique singing styles and distinctive vocal techniques led Bobby to win ten Grammy Awards in 1988. Bobby has collaborated with some acclaimed performers such as Chick Corea and Joe Zawing.
Bobby McFerrin is also apt in multiphonic singing. He adopted the singing style in his 2005’s single "Drive". Bobby sang "Pink Panther" by Henry Mancini for the film Son of the Pink Panther. In addition to singing, Bobby McFerrin was made a part of the creative chair for the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. He makes frequent guest appearances as a conductor in several symphony orchestras tours that take place throughout North America. The orchestras that he has been touring with include San Francisco Symphony, New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and Los Angeles Philharmonic. Bobby McFerrin tickets to his live concerts always sell out fast as the fans can’t wait to hear the artist live, where he blends serious classical compositions with his unique singing improvisations.
Bobby McFerrin is highly known for his creativity. By incorporating new ideas into his creations and infusing several genres in his compositions, Bobby has sold more than twenty million copies of his work. Bobby McFerrin, as a musician also takes part in different educational programs, appearing voluntarily as a guest music instructor at public schools nationwide. He has also teamed up with Taylor; his son on many musical ventures.
All fans should avail the opportunity to purchase cheap Bobby McFerrin tickets as the brilliant musician is headlining a tour that will also be stopping in your city.  Bobby McFerrin gives extraordinary performances and sets the stage on fire. He involves the crowd and urges them to sing and dance along his tunes. His concerts are buzzing with energy as fans are on their feet and clapping with the beats. To be a part of a rocking live event, make sure to get your Bobby McFerrin tickets without any delay. The artist will show you a great time. 

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