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Coming from the genius of Wynton Marsalis, a renowned composer, Blood on the Fields is one of the most renowned works and a valuable addition to the jazz music. Throughout his lifetime as a musician, Wynton Marsalis has created numerous works of music, and Blood on the fields happens to be one of his most celebrated works. This three and a half hour long jazz oratorio tells the tale of a couple’s struggle of how they go from being in slavery to freedom. This work was commissioned to Marsalis by Lincoln Center. Soon after its completion, Blood on the Fields went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1997, which much talked & controversial win by Marsalis. This was because Blood on the Fields was premiered on April 1, 1994 while its official recording was released later in 1995 by Columbia Records. And as per the guidelines of Pulitzer, the winning work must have its premiere in the same year it was nominated in, which in Marsalis’s case was 1997. A re-worked version of the oratorio with seven small changes was also released later on which premiered at the Yale University. Since the year, Blood on the Fields made its global debut; its performances have been seen by many all over the globe. As it still continues to be pretty famous among the jazz music listeners, blood on the fields comes for yet another run this season with blood on the fields tickets.

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While currently being the Artistic Director at the Lincoln Center for Jazz Music, Wynton Marsalis has been promoting and advocating jazz music throughout his career, and he also aims at bringing the jazz and classical music to the younger generation. Apart from Blood on the Fields being Marsalis’s only Pulitzer Prize winning work, he has also claimed nine more Grammy Awards. Born to a jazz musician Ellis Marsalis, Jr. Wynton Marsalis always had a flair for music since day one. At an early age, Marsalis started learning and playing music, and by the time he was only eight years of age he was seen performing alongside the Fairview Baptist Church Band under the leadership of Danny Barker. As he grew more as a musician by the time he was fourteen, he also performed on the same stage with New Orleans Philharmonic.
Marsalis also performed with New Orleans Symphony, New Orleans Youth Orchestra, New Orleans Symphony Brass Quintet, a local band The Creators, New Orleans Community Concert Band and many other jazz groups; while he was still in his high school. Later as Marsalis got into Berkshire Music Center in Tanglewood by the time he was seventeen, he became the youngest musician to do so. During his time at the Music Center he also claimed Harvey Shapiro Award for being an outstanding brass student.
For his works of music, Marsalis has claimed a total of nine Grammy Awards. Marsalis has also accomplished the feat of being the only musician ever to claim five consecutive Grammy Awards for musical contributions. Marsalis is also the only musician who has also been able to win a Grammy Award for both classical and jazz records in 1983 and 1984. In Marsalis’s honor the city of Marciac in France also laid foundation to a bronze statue. He was also made the member of Royal Academy of Music in 1996, which is the highest decoration by the academy for all the non-British people. In 2009, Marsalis was also awarded with the Chevalier of the Legion of Honour for his work.
As a recording artist, Marsalis has sold over five million copies worldwide. Over the decades, Marsalis has been to every continent except for Antarctica to perform live in more than thirty different countries. And now as he steps out to perform yet again, it’s about time you get your blood on the fields tickets.

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