Billy Childs Dianne Reeves Ying Quartet Tickets

An upcoming rocking concert will be featuring the acclaimed jazz pianist and composer Billy Childs, iconic jazz singer Dianne Reeves and the celebrated string quartet called Ying Quartet together. This will be surely be a fascinating live show. If you are an avid fan of jazz music then this is the ideal time for you to get your Billy Childs Dianne Reeves Ying Quartet tickets and enjoy a marvelous concert that will be truly memorable.

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About Billy Childs Dianne Reeves Ying Quartet

In 1988, Billy Childs embarked upon his solo career as a jazz musician and released his debut album titled as Take For Example, This…, the album was amongst the four critically famed albums of his. The debut album’s follow-up album came out in 1989 known as Twilight Is Upon Us. In 1992, he released his third album, His April Touch and in 1993 his fourth album Portrait of a Player was released. His fifth album met with a lot of success also called I’ve Known Rivers that came out in 1995. A year later, The Child Within was released. Today, Childs enjoys a massive fan following that can be seen by the sold out crowds that he performs too.
He successfully conducted as well as orchestrated in 2000 for the popular project of Dianne Reeves called The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan. This recording won the Grammy award in the category of “Best Jazz Vocal CD” in 2002. There are many other esteemed musicians that Childs has effectively arranged for such as Gladys Knight, Phil Ramone, Sting, Michael Buble, Claudia Acuna, Yo-Yo Ma, David foster and Chris Botti. In 2001, Billy Childs created a group that played the harp, acoustic guitar and piano.
The Jazz Chamber Ensemble came into being when other instrumentalists playing woodwinds, drums and bass were added. Today, many augment the group as being a stunning string quartet. The ensemble has also released an album called, Lyric, Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol.1. This album was given three prestigious nominations in 2006, and it won in the category of “Best Instrumental Composition”.
Dianne Reeves will be performing alongside Billy Childs and the Ying Quartet at the highly anticipated Billy Childs Dianne Reeves Ying Quartet event. She is a legendary jazz singer who started her career in 1983. She studied music at the honorable University of Colorado prior to shifting to Los Angeles in 1976. In Los Angeles, Reeves found a new interest in the genre of Latin-American music. She started to experiment greatly with various sorts of vocal oriented music and ultimately took up singing as a career. Reeves toured with Eduardo del Barrio’s group Caldera and also sang live with the Night Flight band of Billy Childs’. She toured extensively with Sergio Mendes. As a lead vocalist, she toured for three years with Harry Belafonte from 1983 till 1986. During this time, she was introduced to world music that later added more depth to her music. For the Winter Olympic Games of 2002 that took place in Salt Lake City, she sang live at the closing ceremony of the event. Peter Martin, her music director, is seen touring continuously with her a lot.
The Billy Childs Dianne Reeves Ying Quartet event is expected to be a spectacular show filled with the greatest soulful music ever. The Ying Quartet that will be headlining the event is a quartet comprised of siblings who come from Winnetka in Illinois. The quartet was created in 1988 while they attended the known University of Rochester’s popular Eastman School of Music. It officially started to perform live in the town of Jesup in Iowa. They were amid the first musicians who were involved in the celebrated National Endowment for the Arts program of Chamber Music Rural Residencies. Initially, Janet, and Timothy Ying (violinists), David Ying (cello player) and Philip Ying (viola player) were the band members. However, after years of performing together, in April 2009, Timothy left the quartet. The same year, Frank Huang was added to the quartet and became its first violinist. Huang left in 2010 and Ayano Ninomiya took his place. They have been nominated many times for Grammy awards. In 2005, the quartet fruitfully won a Grammy for its brilliant recording as a collaborative venture with the known Turtle Island String Quartet that was called 4+Four. They are a treat to watch perform live.
You can now book your cheap Billy Childs Dianne Reeves Ying Quartet tickets and experience a mind blowing live performance featuring the most amazing musicians in the industry in one riveting event. 

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