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BB King is the legend who made shimmering vibrato and fluid string bending the most eminent trend of electric blues.  His music has been followed by generations of bluesy artists since then. His momentous role in reshaping the guitar playing trends is evident from his incessant rule on the industry for past half a century. He is undeniably the most significant occurrence of the last fifty years in electric guitar. He is easily hailed as the third best guitarist on the Rolling Stone’s list of "100 greatest guitarists of all time". He is returning to the stage this season with his superior craft to inspire legions.

About BB King Tickets

BB King made his debut in the late 40s with a couple of songs released by Bullet Records followed by RPM Records Later on. These songs did not stick around and failed to make it to any charts. A few years later BB King assembled his own band with Millard Lee and named it the B.B. King Review. The band picked up pace by performing at the local Juke Joints and clubs.  It was one of these days when he was performing at dance ablaze and BB King could only think of his guitar which he forgot inside. Despite the raging flames he went back in and got lucky to get his guitar back. Unfortunately, two other people weren’t as lucky they were fighting over a girl called Lucille and lost their lives. Since that day he calls his guitar Lucille.
His heydays in R&B kicked off at early 50s with several chart bursting singles. Some of his most popular numbers of this period were "Bad Luck", "Beats like a Hammer", "Ten Long Years", "3 O'Clock Blues", "Every Day I Have the Blues", "On My Word of Honor", "You Know I Love You", "Please Love Me", "Please Accept My Love", "Whole Lotta Love", "When My Heart", "You Upset Me Baby" "Woke Up This Morning," "Sweet Little Angel" and "Sneakin' Around". The beginning of sixties brought in BB King his first Grammy Award for the song "The Thrill Is Gone". This song has been considered as one of the ‘Greatest Songs of All Time’ by the Rolling Stone. It was also a rarity to see the song climbing R&B and pop charts simultaneously.

The seventies were no different for BB King. He continued getting bigger in the R&B world by improvising enchanting tunes. His famous romantic numbers "I Like to Live the Love" and "To Know You is to Love You" also became famous in the seventies. The eighties was the period of live performances and television appearances for him along with his work. In the late eighties, his collaboration with the Irish band U2 opened new avenues for him. Their album "Rattle and Hum" helped him reach out to the wider audiences.
The raving success of the previous collaboration encouraged him to try it again in the 2000s. This time BB King he joined forces up with Eric Clapton to come up with "Riding with the King". In 2006, he travelled all across Europe for his farewell tour. Just when everyone thought that he has said his goodbyes to the music industry, he bounced back with renewed energy. He had six performances in Brazil, returned twice to Europe.  He appeared in various music festivals including Monteux Jazz Festival, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Crossroads Guitar Festival and Chicago Blues Festival.
BB King after fifty years and fifteen thousand performances is still young for music. He continues to perform at various venues and relive his best songs ever produced. He is also known for his exhilarating and action packed jamming sessions with various artists. Cheap BB King tickets is taking up the centre stage again this season for his fans. He will be performing his iconic songs from the past while adding new surprises. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend his live concert. Order your BB King tickets now!

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