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Born in 1925, Riley B. King is recognized by the world as B.B. King, America’s amazingly successful singer and songwriter.
He started his career in 1949 and continues to wear the crown of the most cherished singer. At the age 85, he still has the passion; the energy for singing as well as a phenomenal voice. Becoming more popular with time, the artist stands at #3 position on the ‘100 Greatest Guitarists of all Time’ list. His sophisticated style, amazing talent and obsession for music cannot be compared to any other artist.

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B.B. King used to play guitar on the street corners and restaurants when he was very young. Soon after he started his career officially and became massively popular. In 1956, B.B. King along with his band performed more than 300 times- at largest events to even in small café’s. During a live performance in 1950, an unfortunate incidence took place when the venue caught fire. He was saved and he named his Guitar ‘Lucille’ since then. B.B is amongst the most popular blues musicians from the last 40 years.

B.B. King has developed a unique guitar playing style and is an inspiration for thousands of people. More than 50 albums have been released by the incredible artist. Over the years he has won 15 Grammy Awards which includes Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, among others. He is an inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame. His autobiography also came out for the unlimited fans in the nineties and he is frequently seen on TV as well. Get your B.B. King Canandaigua Tickets now as this artist’s live performance is not worth missing!