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The Bakersfield Jazz Festival is an annual music festival that celebrates the best acts in the world of jazz music. It plays host to some of the greatest jazz artists and bands making it one music event that jazz lovers should never miss; an easy task provided Bakersfield Jazz Festival tickets are in hand. It is a two day event that is currently in its twenty sixth year and has been dubbed as Bakersfield’s Rite of Spring. It is held regularly at the CSUB Amphitheater and this year’s lineup includes Steve Cole, R & B Bombers, Maceo Parker, Kern County Honor Jazz Band, Ray Zepeda with Jamael Dana Dean, Jim Scully 4tet, Amina Figarova, Alphonse Mouzon, Melena and Richard Elliot.

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About Bakersfield Jazz Festival

The Bakersfield Jazz Festival will also star a number of emerging jazz artists on the entry stages; Velorio on the first day and CSUB Players, Chesterfield Kings and Color Blind on the second day. It is a music festival that is free for children under the age of twelve and has tables for six available as well. Maceo Parker, one of the artists performing at this festival, is a funk and soul jazz saxophonist who has been active since 1964. He is famous for performing with jazz legend James Brown and as part of Parliement-Funkadelic. He is from Kingston in North Carolina and plays the saxophone and flute. He has been signed onto a number of record labels including Verve Records and been associated with The J.B.s, Prince, Horny Horns and Parliement. Today, he is one of the most renowned jazz musicians alive and thus worth a see live through cheap Bakersfield Jazz Festival tickets.
Steve Cole is yet another artist who is performing at the Bakersfield Jazz Festival. He is an American tenor saxophonist from Chicago who has risen to fame since the nineties and been signed onto record labels such as EMI Records and Narada Jazz. He has released five albums since his debut in the world of jazz with each of these albums winning him a number of awards. He is also part of the faculty of the Columbia College Chicago as a music professor and advisor. He began playing the clarinet at a young age and then moved to the saxophone while in high school. He then went on to study at the Northwestern University where he studied classical saxophone and economics. He then went on to the University of Chicago where he earned an MBA. He then began performing live at local Chicago venues and soon began creating music for radio and TV.
In 2000, Bakersfield Jazz Festival’s Steve Cole released his first album which earned him the Prism Award as the Best New Artist, part of the Oasis Smooth Jazz Awards. He then won the Chicago Symphony Orchestra artists competition and performed alongside the orchestra. He then released his next album in 2001 which ranked fourth on the Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart. He has released eight albums to date and some of his songs have even ranked number one on the chart; a saxophonist to catch live via cheap Bakersfield Jazz Festival tickets.
Amina Figarova is one of the several artists performing live at the Bakersfield Jazz Festival. She is a jazz pianist and composer from Baku in Azerbaijan. She has been active in the world of jazz music since 1989 and has been signed onto record labels such as Media Music Records and Munich Records. She has released ten albums to date including a five star CD. The Bakersfield Jazz Festival is therefore home to some of the finest jazz artists and groups, an experience that is definitely one not to be missed by any jazz fan; a mistake that cannot be made if Bakersfield Jazz Festival tickets are in hand.

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