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A horse show held in Europe, Apassionata is seen on a yearly basis by more than 600,000 people. It has been one of Europe’s most famous shows for almost a decade now. It has fans across 15 different countries, a testament to the wild craze surrounding the show. Apassionata displays an amalgamation of various talents and skills ranging from riding techniques, presenting of different kinds of horse breeds as well as live performances by dancers, singers and musicians. The truly unique aspect about the show is the incredible display of bond between a horse and its rider as well as the magnificent beauty of the well groomed horses.

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About Apassionata

The show has been produced by the company ‘Apassionata Equitarte GmbH & Co.’ Robert Wagner and Peter Massine founded the company in the year 2002. Ever since 2008 however, Peter Massine has been solely representing the company. The show displays a widely unique collection of various horse breeds. Some of the most famous ones include Azteca, Appaloosa, Hispano Arab, Purebred Arab, Friesian and Icelandic horse. 
The show is such that it must be witnessed live in order to truly be appreciated. It cannot be understood in words alone and is one of those shows that must be seen. If you are interested in spending a day having a great time with family and friends, this is the place to go. Apassionata tickets are ready to be sold and it is now up to you to make sure you avail this opportunity. There is a reason why the show has such a strong and loyal fan base across so many countries. Witness the event and find out why!
When the riding skills are displayed, both the athletic as well as the artistic side is shown. There are many star performers but the one performer who stands out quite a bit is Styrmir Arnason who hails from Iceland. Another such performer is Laurent Jahan, whose acting skills transform the entire riding area into one big theatre. Audiences respond with awe at the display of humor and charm that Jahan and his donkey’s exhibit. The performance given by the horse and his rider is enhanced by special lighting and music. In fact, the music is especially created for Apassionata. Depending on the kind of performance taking place, acrobats sometimes also take part in the routine. 
If watching brilliant stunts by some of the world’s most popular performers and their classy horses is something that interests you, this is definitely the kind of show you would enjoy. Various breeds of horses, with their beauty, skills and acts up for display are the main attractions of the show. Horse lovers would find the show a real treat and a perfect way to enjoy the day with loved ones. It is also an ideal show to attend with family and a good way to spend quality time with them. The show brings to its audiences a great deal of laughter, tears and captivating moments. It depicts the magical bond and connection that humans have developed with horses over time. In the newest of the Apassionata shows, the story revolves around the character Daniel who takes audiences on a truly memorable journey to some of the world’s most un-known areas, in order to uncover the secrets that have held the bond between man and horse for the past centuries. He finds a letter that allows him access to a magical world. Here he sees fascinating fountains, orange gardens, a palace made of ice as well as a desert. 
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Q:Hi, is there any way to exchange the apassionata tickets?

A:The Apassionata Tickets cannot be exchanged or returned!

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