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Come July, Adele will be saying Hello to her countless fans in San Jose. Out with her third blockbuster “25”, Adele is touring in support of the record and is among the top touring acts this year. Adele San Jose tickets are selling out fast for her first trek in five years.

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Adele Treats Countless Fans To A Soulful, Sincere & Uncomplicated Album

A multiplatinum artist, Adele is enjoying the huge success of her third album “25”. Following her second release “21”, the queen of romance was close to quitting the industry as she thought there was no music left in her. After four years’ hiatus, she was able to think with a clearer head and being blessed with her first born, her faith in music and her talent renewed. She returned with a bang, announcing Hello, It’s Me and the simple greeting turned into a global sensation.

Packed with emotionally deep ballads, a blend of soul and pop and Adele’s signature powerful vocals, “25”captures the heart of its listeners. Hits like “I Miss You”, “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” and “Water Under the Bridge” have hints of pop sassiness and R&B, a new territory for the singer. Capable of melodic pop perfection, Adele exceeded all expectations and has indeed presented the fans with a memorable and effective album. Catch the diva live when she performs her old and new hits.