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Based in the Sioux City, Iowa and founded back in 2003, Sioux City Rockestra is the first orchestra of its kind that caters towards the rock and roll genre of music. By doing so, it stands as one of the first professional rock and roll orchestras in the country. The orchestra comprises of some of the most talented musicians and instrumentalists, who gel together to bring the audience an experience that is unlike any other orchestral performance. Present day orchestras mainly circle around the genre of classical music, but for the very first time, it was Rockestra that brought a smile upon the listeners of rock music. In its musical compositions, the orchestra makes use of instruments like guitars, bass guitar, electric guitar, violin, percussions, drums, keyboards and a few more. Within its list of musicians, it has huge number of professional musicians whose expertise over their respective instrument makes orchestra’s performance a whole lot better.

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About Sioux City Rockestra

Over the years, it  has performed at various venues all over the nation, and it still doesn’t show any signs of slowing down for the coming years as well under the leadership of its director as well as its founder John Luebke. As the Rockestra enters yet another season, the list of its lined up shows have already started to get anticipation by the fans of the genre. Before the orchestra hits stage, Sioux City Rockestra tickets are a must have for any fan of the Rockestra or even the fans of Rock and Roll music.
Sioux City Rockestra is all about celebrating the classics and the biggest hits for the Rock and Roll genre. With its performances, Rockestra pays homage to all those who’ve made great contributions to the genre over the years. Moreover it also envisions to keep on reveling the golden age of the rock music. That is the reason why its repertoire comprises of the hits like A Hard Days Night by The Beatles, Baba O’Riley by the Who, and Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. Previously, the Rockestra has performed the hits from the acts like Queen, The Beatles, Talking Heads, KT Tunstall, Kool & the Gang, Paul Simon, Blondie, The Dixie Cups, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Santana, Van Halen, ABBA, KISS, AC/DC, Eagles, Deep Purple, Phil Collins and loads more. With time, the repertoire of the rockestra has been constantly growing with more hits from rock and roll genre piling up in the set lists of it.
Sioux City Rockestra is the brain child of John Luebke, who has also been its director since its formation back in 2003. Luebke had a flair for music back when he was a child, and since then he was determined to become a full-fledged professional musician one day. By the time he was just five years of age, he started taking piano lessons as his mother was a former piano instructor while his father directed a community band apart from being a trombonist.
During his high school days, Luebke laid foundation to a dance band which comprised of eighteen members, and they all performed at the American Legion Hall every Saturday night. Prior to that, he also played alongside a rock band that performed locally. After successfully completing his graduate school, Luebke initially became the head of Music department at a College in Monmouth and later he became the executive director at the Sioux City Symphony and afterwards he founded Sioux City Rockestra and has been directing it ever since. He also lends his vocals apart from playing cello from time to time with the Rockestra.  Like always, Sioux City Rockestra has an exciting array of concerts lineup for its fans this year around as well. So before the time grows any shorter, get a hold of your cheap Sioux City Rockestra tickets. 

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