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Pop’s insanely hot night club and chic concert venue is one hip trendy place for all of Sauget, St. Louis deepest denizens who crave for that achingly throbbing fun time when they want to unwind or any other night for an excitingly wild night out. Pop’s is famously located at 401 Monsanto Avenue in Sauget, IL and is only about five minutes away from Downtown St. Louis. It’s the most easily spotted and conveniently accessible venue for crazy party goers who would love to tell you something about the unforgettably wonderful time they celebrated at the much hyped, New Years Eve Party at Pops. The event has gathered more attention than any other concert held at Pop’s in its twenty-five significant years. Those New Years Eve Party at Pops tickets have been flying about almost everywhere, seen being shuffled through many hands among a wide age spectrum ranging from silly teenagers to twenty some-things all the way to the more grown-up forty, fifty some-things.

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About New Years Eve Party At Pops

Pop’s has been hosting some of the most awaited concerts of the season from the much loved Fragile Porcelain Mice, to Greek Fire & Brook Royal, all the way to the Machine Head rockers, down to Awolnation.  It seems any big act musical stars willing to put on a show in or close by Sauget, choose to perform at this esteemed, highly well-reputed venue. Pop’s also brings its many visitors late night fun opportunities with its ‘Late Night Bands’ feature that has presented many hit shows including the likes of Carry the Zero, Evil Monkey, McLovin, Jammies Elsewhere, Children of Bodom, Me Talk Party and Breach of Peace. Some other local events the club has hosted include the likes of AFM Metal Showcase, Mindless Self Indulgence, The Dreaming, New Years Eve Party at Pops, Battle to Play Pointfest 2012, The Xmas Juggalo Bash, The Beginning of The End and the Christmahanakwanzika Party. 
The Pop’s has thrown some of the biggest parties in town through its many years of providing entertainment and just recently arranged the grand event popularly known as New Years Eve Party at Pops. The club has invited big act musicians Brian Setzer, wo was once a part of Stray Cats, and the artist comes with his special Brian Setzer Orchestra alongside his super hyped Rockability Riot tour. The party has been set to open with the musically delicious Slim Jim Phantom only to be followed by the hero of punk chic with his many raging tattoos.  

Pop’s is open, cunning and running, all lovely twenty four hours a day, seven sweet days a week with its excellently skilled DJs zooming and spinning the party on to those transcendental skies that allow you to unwinding from that tiresome week at work. Not just that, the club features live musical groups on Friday and Saturday nights, where the bands go on playing from 12.30 am to 5.30 am with some additional perky breaks for in between sets so that the audience can also enjoy a DJ dance set and there is still surprisingly more. The venue that has famously hosted New Years Eve Party at Pops, has alongside set up a game room that is filled with side entertainment items such as foosball tables, pool tables, air hockey tables with a wide variety of high energy video game machines. For their customer’s convenience the club has also kept a change machine in the room. So make a plan, gather your friends together, get those cheap New Years Eve Party at Pops tickets and jazz up a bit for a fun night out

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