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Christmas is a time which is filled with joy, happiness and a time to unite with all your family members and friends to have a fabulous time. Over the years, there have been many events, concerts and theatrical performances on the theme of Christmas, to make that day even more special for you. One such event is the Colors of Christmas, which shall be coming to your town very soon. This is an extremely fun musical which literally brings all of the miracles and fantastic wonders of Christmas to life. The Colors of Christmas is a relatively new yet highly creative musical journey towards the spirit of the beautiful colors of Christmas. The plot revolves around a shopping adventure, in which one of the characters by the name of Millie confesses to her brother by the name of Sam that she thinks that Christmas is not as colorful as it used to be once upon a time and that she likes it being this way. Unluckily two magical makeover marketers eve drop on what Millie says to her brother. These magical creatures comply with what Millie just confessed to her brother. Millie prefers Christmas to be more dull than colorful. So the two magical creatures transport both Millie and her brother Sam in a magical way to the land which is known as the Grey-land. The Grey-land is a totally alternate world. Everything inside of this world is gray and dull. This is also a world where Christmas and its vibrant colors are totally forbidden.

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In this new world of Grey-land, Sam and Millie encounter the extremely confusing characters of Ron, Don and Lon who are the Protectors of the Grey. The job of these three characters in the Colors of Christmas is to make sure that those people who do not follow the laws of the Land of the Grey, will be taken to King Ming. King Ming is a rather loathsome ruler of the Land of the Grey. As Millie and Sam carry on with their adventure into finding out where they are, suddenly they are united with a few other characters who do not appreciate the beautiful colors of Christmas. One of them is a blind hedgehog who is extremely guilty of perceiving color. Joined by the hedgehog is a Pelican who has a really beautifully crafted character which is very colorful, and also a cool Chameleon who can obviously change his color whenever he feels like it. For reasons not known to the audience of this fantastic musical, King Ming does not want to have absolutely any color apart from gray in his land. His guardian’s prisoners are locked up into much darkened cells by the regimented Gray-Landers.

As the story builds, and the audience is given a complete story behind the laws, people and magical creatures of the Land of the Grey, suddenly something extraordinary takes over the plot of the play. There is a musical band, which comprises of members by the name of Rocky, Ozzie, Chad and Chic. The name of the band in the Colors of Christmas is named after the first initials of each member of the band, "ROCC". The band arrives in the Land of the Grey with a very special mission. The ROCC band wishes to reinstate the fervor of Christmas and all of its wonderfully spectacular colors. The band’s manager, Harvard Heptine, secretly plans a way to out throw the horrible King Ming in order to restore color and the festive Christmas back into the lives of all the Grey-lings and also the Land of the Grey. Now Harvard gives instructions to all those people and creatures that magically arrived into the Land of Grey on how to defeat the King, through extremely wonderful music, dances and colors. The whole musical then focuses on some of the finest musical scores which have been created by composers Stephen Robertson and Gawen Robinson.

The cheap Colors of Christmas tickets has received some great riveting reviews from Adele Lowe who is a music coordinator, John Hepplewhite and many others. The musical is truly a super theatrical performance for little children and adults alike. It is extremely enjoyable to watch as it captures the true spirit of Christmas. This fantastic musical is scheduled to perform very soon. Therefore it is an ideal opportunity for you to get the Colors of Christmas tickets.