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A Tuna Christmas is the festive sequel of comedic play, "Greater Tuna". The successful production debuted in 1989 and has been written by the trio Joe Sears, Jaston Williams and Ed Howard. Sears and Williams also star in the musical and are the only two actors in it. They portray almost twenty different characters that reside in "Tuna", the third smallest town in Texas. Set in a fictional place, the lives of all these characters intersect as they prepare for the big Christmas lawn decoration contest, and the various other activities associated with the holiday. Since the musical has set the stage ablaze, it has toured both nationally and internationally. The spectacular direction by Howard and brilliant performance by the actors has earned the play several nominations and awards. The performers as well as the production team have won great accolades and have been critically acclaimed. With fast costume changes and countless characterizations, A Tuna Christmas focuses on a chaotic day, just before the Christmas.

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About A Tuna Christmas

The plot of this classic comedy highlights an annual Christmas yard display contest, production of A Christmas Carol at a theater that is about to lose electricity and the prankish vandalism of the Christmas Phantom.

The other colorful characters in A Tuna Christmas include a couple of 90 year old ladies who discuss and practice the best way to kill a blue jay with a sling shot. The audiences are entertained by Bertha Bumiller, a middle-aged woman whose husband is never home and kids who want to steer clear of her. All she wants is to have a 'Murry Christmas' with her family. Some of the most hilarious moments in the play are enacted by the gun shop owner Didi Snavely, who wears camouflage clothes and spends most of her time puffing cigarettes. She has a rather obtuse husband who likes to play with grenades and believes in aliens. The people of Tuna could byt all kinds of weapons from her shop and it offered other supplies as well such as bread and eggs. Other popular characters include two teenagers who are mainly obsessed with men and work at a burger joint called Tasty Kreme. The worldliest of all the characters is a flamboyant actor who has traveled all over the state of Texas, performing in shows like an all-white version of 'Raisin in the Sun'.

A Tuna Christmas begins with two radio announcers belonging to the station "OKKK". They introduce us to the characters by giving tidbits on them and spreading neighborhood gossip like its national news. When the audiences are familiar with the characters they start making their appearances one by one. The sensational play brings to light all kinds of stereotypes and silliness. The characters are so close to reality that every time one shows up on the stage the crowd find themselves relating to them. The two actors have performed both the male and female roles brilliantly. Despite all the costumes and the wigs, they have managed to bring authenticity in their performances. As an audience you can't help but be intrigued by the characters and fall under their spell.

The dialogues are funny and the jokes come thick, fast, and unsubtle. The writers have done justice in creating a lively script that appears witty as well as entertaining. It's minus the sentimental drama that comes with the holiday and rather deals with all the chaos and the happenings. Although the dialogues are written for the laughs and amusement, they don't appear meaningless and have great depth in them.

The production team which includes the costume designer, music composer as well as the set designer has done a great job. The costumes have been designed sensibly keeping in mind the style of the era its set in as well as the personalities of the characters. Simple clothing like checked shirts, no-frills frocks and a lot of headgear is used. The stage designer has kept things straightforward and has effectively set the mood of the musical. A lot has been left on the audience's imagination yet the settings fully support the scenes. The music compliments every situation and enhances the performance impact. Being a Christmas show it includes holiday songs that create a chirpy aura. A Tuna Christmas is one of those shows that have it all. It's funny, smart, caustic and at the same time moving and substantive. Don't miss the opportunity to watch this delightful show. It'll be worth your time!

It is definitely amongst the best light comedy plays of current times and it is the terrific Tuna Christmas. This play has gained immense popularity and it is evident from the fact that A Tuna Christmas has been performed in front of the US President in the White House. If you haven?t had a chance to watch A Tuna Christmas then you certainly have missed it all. Hurry up and grab your A Tuna Christmas Tickets and have good time at this great event.

A Tuna Christmas is the second in the chain of a comedic trilogy that includes firstly Greater Tuna and thirdly Red, White and Tuna. This amazing comic trilogy is written by Ed Howard, Joe Sears and Jaston Williams. The debut of A Tuna Christmas was in the year 1989. It was nominated for Outstanding Non-Resident Production for Helen Hayes Awards twice and also got a nomination for a Tony Award in the category of Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play.

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