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Numerous musical bands perform live on the stage but some of them are able to create an exhilarating environment. Testament and Overkill is among those, they the audience to entertain them in a great way. Watching these two hit acts like on stage is going to be an amazing chance for you. Testament is one of the most famous bands in California. It is recognized as a versatile American metal band. The unique style of playing musical instruments is a highlighting feature of the Testament. Overkill is another great band that is going to perform in this concert. This American thrash metal band is making progress with a rapid speed. The guitarists, vocalists and various musicians of both the metal bands are great. They are all set to perform in the Testament and Overkill show with the motivation to showcase their talents in front of metal music lovers.

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About Testament Overkill

The Testament band is a result of efforts by famous guitarist Eric Peterson. He is the founder of this band. Testament has been entertaining its fans for a long time now. Derrick Ramirez, a famous vocalist and guitarist, had a talent of playing instruments in a unique manner. He had played a significant role by his vocal performance for the release of the self-titled demo album of the band. Greg Christian, the bassist and Mike Ronchette the drummer, have also been past prominent members of the band. The current members of the band include Chuck Billy the vocalist, Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick as guitarists, Gene Hoglan on drums and Greg Christian on the bass.
The first album of Testament was The Legacy. It was released on Megaforce Records. The Testament got its initial popularity by doing extensive tours to Europe and America. The New Order was the second album of the testament. Later on, the band released various other albums which made it reach the higher level of success in the music industry. Practice What You Preach, The Ritual, Demonic, Souls Of Black and The Gathering are the other successful music albums of the band. The recently released album of the testament Dark Roots of Earth can be enjoyed at Testament and Overkill concert. Dark Roots of Erath has secured ranks on the Billboard 200 songs chart.
The Testament has joined Overkill in various concerts and live performances. Overkill band is becoming more and more popular with time and it is the outcome of brilliant performances made by its members. Members of the band include Bobby Ellsworth as vocalist, D.D Verni as bass artist, Derek Tailer as rhythm guitarist, Dave Linsk as lead guitarist and Ron Lipnicki on drums. D.D Verni, Derek Tailer and Dave Linsk are also back vocalists for the band.
Feel the Fire was the first album by Overkill. Taking Over, the Years of Decade, Horrorscope, the Killing Kind and Blood Letting are the other albums of this band. They have released 16 studio albums up till now. The most successful albums of the band include I Hear Black, the Years of Decay and Under the Influence. These albums are also included in the Billboard 200 songs charts. The most recent album of the Overkill is The Electric Age which also has made it to the Billboard 200 songs charts. The album did a wonderful job for Overkill and made it one of the best-selling metal bands of all the time.
The exciting performance of Testament and Overkill is going to make you day! They have done tours all over the place to entertain their fans and this is your chance to enjoy them live on stage. With your Testament & overkill tickets you can have this opportunity. There are also many cheap Testament & Overkill tickets available for you so that you don’t miss this concert at any cost. These two bands will provide a musical ride that you will never forget!

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