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System of a Down is an Armenian- American band of nineties widely known for its incredible rock music. Getting appreciated worldwide, the band has been recognized with major awards for contributing to the alternative metal, progressive and experimental rock genres of music. It has released five studio albums so far, featuring record setting singles as well as making it to the Grammy Award nominations.  

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System of a Down stepped into the music industry in 1996, taking the initiative by the release of its Demo tapes. It soon signed with American/Columbia Records and released its debut album ‘System of a Down’. Featuring singles such as ‘Sugar’, ‘Spiders’ and the likes, the album was an instant hit. Since then, there was no turning back. The band has received remarkable commercial success through its studio albums to date. The band comprises of four members, all equally talented with a knack of playing the instruments with precision. With Serj Tankian at lead vocals, accompanied by the other musicians, the band has been in the lime light for more than a decade now.

Influenced by the rock legends such as ‘The Beatles’, ‘Ozzy Osbourne’, Frank Zappa’ and the likes, System of a Down is known for its phenomenal melodies in the music industry. Having a huge fan following, the band’s live performances are watched by a huge spectatorship. This year around, it plans to rock the city of Albuquerque. So all metal music fans out there, ‘The Band’ is coming to your town! Get your System of a Down Albuquerque Tickets right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What does general admission mean on system of a down albuquerque tickets?

A:General Admission means that System Of A Down Tickets cant be reserved and will only be sold on first come, first served basis.