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Slipknot is a heavy metal, nu metal act from Des Moines, Iowa who has done wonders in terms of the facelift given to metal. This nine-piece band  consisted of  Sid Wilson as #0 Joey Jordison as #1, Paul Gray as #2, Chris Fehn as #3,  James Root as #4, Craig Jones as #5,  Shawn Crahan as #6,Mick Thomson  as  #7 and Corey Taylor as#8.  The band dated back to 1995,when percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray teamed up to try hand on alt metal/nu metal. Struggling to find the right hands and vocals to make the real Slipknot sound, the band underwent numerous line-up changes. The initial nine member band was reduced to mere eight numbers when co-founder Paul Gray passed away.

About Slipknot

Slipknot’s persona as band has stirred quiet a wave in the world of alternative music. Instead their very first public impression was a live performance at the Ozzy fest 1999, where they came and performed live with marks on their faces. Regarded as strange, dark and at times frightening these masked men have made their presence felt not just with an image. They are a very talented group of metal fans who have crafted a variant of alt and nu metal with undertones of black metal and rap metal. The resultant sound of the band is very authentic and speaks volume of appeal. No wonder within a time span of a decade the band has become the most celebrated and famous metal band of today. Interestingly, Slipknot wears not only masks but identical jumpsuits imprinted with UPC barcode 742617000027. Derived from the band’s release Mate, Feed , Kill, Repeat this bar code represents an ID that masks Slipknot and no one else. Each live show of Slipknot appears to be a gothic masquerade that is loud and aggressive all at the same time. With the same masked faces coming to stage  every time making noise and music making official Slipknot live announcement.
Slipknot made a mark in the very first year of its existence; everything about it was attention grabbing. The aggressive music, fierce some presentation, chaotic style of delivery and super zesty energy was all that Slipknot offered. However, it was everything that metal fans had been dreaming of. The band brought it all to fans as a part of their live side and there was no looking back. The meteoric impact of the band’s success on mainstream music was felt in music circles across North America. The debut album Slipknot came out in 1999 and became an RIAA platinum certified best seller. This album paved way for the second album named Iowa; released in 2001 this follow-up was another one who won the cake. Earning more popularity and fame by the day the band sought refuge by going on a hiatus that ended in 2004 with Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). Remaining fairly active for five years and making wonderful live appearances, the band released their fourth album All Hope Is Gone.. However, this super metal band soon became a solace seeking refugee and went on its second hiatus in 2008.
Apart from their albums Slipknot's DVDs have been phenomenal. The imagery projected by the band has been used in the most optimal filming their live shows. The very first creation of the band has been Disasterpieces multi-platinum selling DVD, which was filmed at the London Arena via cameras fitted on masks of each member. Shortly after this DVD the band releases an old home video Welcome to our Neighborhood. This DVD was an up-close yet highly rewarding encounter with the band. It consisted of interviews and a collection of live performances. This DVD also boasted of hit music videos Spit It Out and Scissors. Voliminal: Inside the 9 happens to be the DVD for the years 2012-13 as it is reflection of the bands existence in music. It glances through the life and works of the band via interviews with unmasked Slipknot members. This DVD also had music videos and live acts filmed at concerts at sold out venues. Before I Forget‘s video remains the highlight of the DVD. Another important bit of information shared by all Slipknot releases is the mask change and swap that occurs after and during each studio release.
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