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Slayer is amongst the ‘Big Four Thrash Metal Acts’ of America, known for producing three decades of incredible heavy metal music. The band is distinguished in the industry for its unique sound which is a blend of atonal guitar, double bass drumming and fast tremolo picking. Its heavy metal sound coupled with the shouted vocals is appreciated worldwide, getting it acknowledged with two Grammy Awards so far.

About Slayer

Slayer joined the music industry in the early eighties with the support of Metal Blade Records. Starting off with performances in music festivals, the band got noticed for its talent and was signed a contract with Brian Slagel for the release of its debut album. Its first album ‘Show No Mercy’ was an instant hit. It not only raised the band to fame but also earned recognition for the newly formed label Metal Blade Records. Getting encouraged by the positive response from the people, it started conducting live tours for promoting its first launch. There was an amazing audience turn out in its very first concert. The album sales reached to over 40,000 records, getting the band recognized worldwide.
Continuing with its tradition of releasing amazing music, Slayer has released up to nine albums so far with ‘World Painted Blood’ being the latest release. The band is amongst the pioneers for introducing heavy metal music into the industry. It’s down tuned rhythms, graphically violent lyrics and astounding guitar strumming makes it stronger in comparison to the renowned metal bands of the same era including Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth.  Slayer is not only ranked as sixth amongst the Greatest Metal Bands of All Times, but comprising of talented musicians, is ranked on VH1’s 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists Of All Times as well.  Its guitarists and drummers are recognized for their remarkable skills of playing unique and ingenious music. Besides having a great fan following, aspiring artists are also greatly inspired by their work.  Ray Herrera of Fear Factory, Krisiun of Caliban’s, Jason Bittner of Shadows of Fall and many others have had the privilege to learn from the talented musicians of the band. The list of band’s accomplishments including the above, highlighted by Grammy Awards extends to nominations for the categories of ‘The Best band Ever’, ‘The Best Live Band’ and ‘Band of the Year’.

For Slayer, the fame is not just accredited to its incredible sound, but its music is also appreciated for its ‘breakneck speed and instrumental prowess’.  The core tempos and its speed metal beats have earned the band recognition for making a record of performing at an average of 220 beats per minute. Not only this, the band is known to produce music with a concept. Since inception to date, it has released albums on cover topics including serial killers, religion, warfare and Santism.

With these amazing characteristics, Slayer has a huge fan following. Their concerts are featured by an amazing spectatorship statistics adding life to their live performances. This year once again, the band is all set for another rocking tour featuring its gold certified singles produced over a period of three glorious decades. The highlighted musical tracks include, ‘Eyes of insane’, ‘the final six’, ‘Raining Blood’ and the likes. The fast beats of the tracks, coupled with the harsh vocals and the electrifying effect of guitar, the concert is surely going to be rocking. Having a powerful sound to make the audience dance to its tunes, the band is ready to amuse the fans once again!  So all metal music lovers out there, if you haven’t had a chance to witness the band live, here is one! Slayer is coming to your city to rock you till you drop in a one of its kind musical evening! So get your Slayer Tickets as soon as possible and be a part of the fun!

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