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Are you ready for your dose of heavy metal and rock music? If you are then make sure you have got your share of Serj Tankian tickets with you. Watching this sensation star live on stage is a great experience for every music lovers. Born on 21st August, 1966 in Beirut, Lebanon, Serj Tankian is one of the top singers who belong to United States. He is not only a wonderful singer who has the ability to rock the world but also a great musician and songwriter as well. His expertise stretches to be a talented record producer, political activist, multi-instrumentalist and poet too.  He has done various associated acts with artists like Axis of Justice, Tom Morello, System of a Down, The F.C.C., Serart and Buckethead. Not only were the association with these renowned celebrities was successful but also loved by their fans.

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About Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian is an expert player of various musical instruments including dulcimer, keyboards, bass guitar, melodica, bouzouki, piano, synthesizer, guitar, violin, harmonica, drums and sampler. He has worked with many renowned record label including Axis of Justice, American, Serjical Strike, Columbia, and Reprise. From the beginning of his music career till present he has covered music genres like alternative rock, art rock, alternative metal, progressive rock, experimental, classical and heavy metal. Since the day he stepped in the music industry, Serj Tankian has launched five albums, three solo albums which include Harakiri, Elect the Dead and Imperfect Harmonies and one with Serart and the other with the title System of a Down. Elect the Dead was the first solo album by him. The album was released on 22nd October, 2007 in The Pass Los Angeles, CA. and covers genre of progressive metal, alternative rock and Neo-prog. Elect the Dead is comprised of hit songs like Money, Sky Is Over, Lie Lie Lie, Feed Us, The Unthinking Majority and Baby. Other hit numbers of this album include Empty Walls and Honking Antelope.
The second album by this famous American singer was Imperfect Harmonies. This albums covered genres including symphonic rock and progressive rock and was released on 21st, September, 2010. Imperfect Harmonies was recorded by Serjical Strike and Reprise Records and had successful songs like Borders Are..., Beatus, Electron, Reconstructive Demonstrations and Disowned Inc. fans also admired the musical style of its singles like Peace Be Revenged, Deserving?, Gate 21 and Yes, It's Genocide. On 10th July, 2012 Serj Tankian released his album Harakiri. Recorded by Serjical Strike studios in LA, this album covers has am Hard rock sound that dazzled his fans. Two successful live music videos have also been launched for this album. One video was named as Figure It Out, released on May 25th, and the other one is titled as Harakiri which has just been released on 11th july. The video had quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson and Jean-Paul Satre along with the facts on GM crops, obesity and animal suicide.
If you want to dance on his songs like Figure It Out, Butterfly and Cornucopia them ake sure you are attending the next concert by this fabulous artist. On the Hit Parader's Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time, Serj Tankian is ranked at number twenty-six. Among his numerous awards and honors, he has also achieved the Armenian Prime Minister's Medal on 12th October 2011. This was awarded him for his hand-outs to the acknowledgment of the advancement of music and Armenian Genocide. So make sure you are attending the upcoming concert of this amazing artist. To see him live all you have to do is get your friends and family together and buy your share of cheap Serj Tankian tickets. Missing out on his superb concert is something you really don’t to happen with you. What can be better than enjoying a great time with your loved ones and dance on his songs like Ching Chime, Harakiri, Forget Me Knot, Occupied Tears and Deafening Silence.

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