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A heavy metal band, Otep has fascinated and enthralled thousands of worldwide fans for several years. The American band has garnered critical as well as commercial acclaim for its electrifying live performances that leaves the audience in awe. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, the band was formed by the female lead vocalist "Otep Shamaya" in 2000. Since its inception, the four-piece alternative metal group has established a cult following and it continues to sway audiences with its vibrant and energetic live music acts. The group has performed at several music festivals along with internationally renowned metal bands such as the Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Fear Factory, Slipknot, Ozzy Osbourne, System of A Down, Coal Chamber, Marylyn Manson, Shadows Fall, Five Finger Death Punch and 2Cents. The band currently comprises of Gil Sharone, Rani Sharone, Markus Estrade and Shamaya. The metal group has successfully produced an innovative metal sound and has explored several sub genres of metal including Nu metal, experimental metal, groove metal and alternative metal. Their live performances are one of the key assets that have resulted in several sold out concerts and tours across the country. The energetic band members can be witnessed live this season by grabbing Otep tickets.

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Born in 1979, Shamaya began her musical career with her band Otep in 2000. The American musician gained widespread recognition and acclaim for her singing skills and high pitch vocals. Her songwriting and poetic talents also managed to amaze her fans and music critics. She participated in the TV show "Def Poetry" that aired on HBO Network. In 2006, "Lulu.com" officially released Shamaya's first collection of printed illustrations and poetry to the public. The following year, her virtual collection of printed illustrations and poems, "Little Sins", was transformed into a book. With Shamaya on vocals, Mark Bistany on drums, Dave Aguilera and Traver Marsh on guitars, and J. McGuire on Bass, the band released its first EP "Jihad" in 2001. The album comprised of five tracks including "TRIC", "Fillthee", "Germ" and the "Lord is My Weapon". Apart from the track "Germ", all the songs from "Jihad" were rerecorded and released under the bands' first studio album "Sevas Tra", released in 2002. The album managed to chart on the Billboard 200 and was rated four stars by "Allmusic". The success of the album paved way for the band's future accomplishment.
In 2004, the band released their second album "House of Secrets". Produced by "Greg Wells", the album debuted on the Billboard 200, surpassing the rank of the previous album. Some of the tracks from the album included "Buried Alive", "Gutters", "Suicide Trees", "Self Made" and "Warhead". The band's third album "The Ascension" was released in 2007. The full-length record again managed to chart high on the Billboard 200 chart at eighty-first position, garnering rave reviews for the band. The album included the hit tracks such as "Ghost Flowers", "Noose & Nail", "Milk of Regret", "Confrontation", "Perfectly Flawed", "Eat the Children" and "Crooked Spoons". It sold over ten thousand copies nationwide. The band remained under the limelight and kept on releasing chart breaking albums and hit music videos. In 2009, the band released their most successful album to date "Smash the Control Machine". The album peaked on the Billboard 200 at Top 50 position and number six on the US Independent Album charts, selling thousands of copies. Songs such as "Unveiled", "Kisses & Kerosene", "Run for Cover", "Numb & Dumb", "Head" and "Rise, Rebel, Resist", managed to garner critical appraise for the album. The record was honored at the twenty first GLAAD Media Awards with an award nomination for "Outstanding Music Artist" in 2010. The band's most recent studio album "Atavist" was released in 2011. The album charted at number sixty-one on the Billboard 200 while debuting at number ten on the US Independent Albums chart.
The band has been a frequent performer at one of the most prestigious metal tours "Ozzfest". The producer of the metal festival "Sharon Osbourne" invited the band to play at the renowned musical event after she was impresses by their live performance. Since then the metal group has become a regular performer at several metal music tours around the globe. Every year thousands of Hard Rock Metal Otep tickets are sold all around the world. This season, the audience can acquire Otep tickets to witness another riveting live act by the band.