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If heavy metal is your type of music, and what excites you most is the sound of bass guitar, Motorhead is the place to be! British rock band Motorhead came into being in 1975 by Lemmy whose real name is Ian Frasier Kilmister. Lemmy is the only constant member of the band since its formation, and specializes in bass guitars apart from songwriting and singing. In later half of 70s when heavy metal was rising again in Britain and rest of the Europe, it is believed that Motorhead was one of the leading bands towards this revolution. Although basically being a heavy metal band, Motorhead is known for its experimentation with punk rock and providing the audience with relatively newer genres of music like thrash metal and speed metal.

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Usually the band denies to be given such names for its music, and prefers to be called simply a rock n’ roll band. It is common for the band to open their shows by saying “We are Motorhead. We play Rock n’ roll.” Lemmy formed the band after being fired from an English rock band named Hawkwind. He was caught on border in suspicion of carrying cocaine that caused the band to cancel some performances on schedule. Lemmy was fired for his unprofessional attitude, and he formed a new band that he wanted to name Bastards, but his friends forbade him so he named it Motorhead after the last song he had written for Hawkwind.

In June 1977, they released their hit single ‘Motorhead’, followed by their debut album with the same name in August, that remained at number 43 on the UK Albums Chart for about a week. On Parole was released later, although the recording company did not like it. It was followed by two more albums Overkill and Bomber, both claiming a remarkable response from the fans. With the passage of time, Motorhead became more mature in terms of music, and every subsequent album did better business than previous ones. Band members kept on leaving Motorhead and being replaced by new comers, Lemmy being the only member to stick to the band. There have been some court cases that the band has been involved in, claiming that its songs were not promoted well, and causing significant financial loss to the band and its recording company. Most of them are resolved now. Motorhead has released more than 20 studio albums by now.

Motorhead’s style of music has been labeled by the critics as ‘Heavy Metal’, and it is said that they created thrash metal and speed metal. Lemmy believes that he has been creating music way before these genres were known, and therefore likes to call his music as rock n roll. He feels more association with punk rock bands and his unusually loud and fast style makes them more prominent than the rest. They are said to be the first band that introduced this style of music, making it popular and giving the fans a whole new generation of music.

There are many unique features about the band that have been developed over the time. Its name in its logo is usually written in lower case. They use umlaut character ‘ö’ that has been derived from probably the band they had once been very close with, named Blue öyster Cult. Nevertheless, this umlaut does not change the pronunciation of its name. According to Lemmy, this character has been put there ‘just to look mean.’ The band uses an image called Snaggletooth of Fanged Face as its logo that has been designed initially by Joe Petagno for the band’s first album, while it was altered later to its current form by designer Phil Smee. The logo or ‘War-Pig’ has become the signature image for the band since its inception, and has appeared on almost all of its studio albums. With evolution of rock music into its current form, this band remains one of the oldest and most popular of original British heavy metal bands. Motorhead Tickets provide you with an opportunity to experience the maestros performance live!

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