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Where Lady Gaga and Madonna mask their occult agenda with saccharine symphonies and pseudo angst-ridden ditties, Morbid Angel makes no bones of their ungodly tones and unleashes a tuneless tumult of visceral vibes and diabolical diatribes. Acts such as Slayer, Venom or even Merciful Fate for that matter may have been the progenitors of death metal music, but Morbid Angel was the quintessential hell-spawn of these macabre musical entities. For over two decades, Morbid Angel has been belching out their revolting rhymes at a cult following that has held onto their every word, reveling in their assumed status of being wolves amongst the flock of bleating sheep that comprise of the fan following of mainstream musical acts. Hook yourself to some cheap Morbid Angel tickets now to reaffirm your farcical faith in their music of hate.

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About Morbid Angel

Flying in on wings that had yet to weather any storm, Morbid Angel fluttered to a formation in the iconic year of 1984 in the locale of Tampa, Florida. Put together by frontman Trey Azagthoth, though Morbid Angel were signed onto Renaissance Records and had their debut album Abominations of Madness released in 1986, they switched gears to Earache Records to give their nascent fans an aching earful of incisive melodies. Though Altars of Madness failed to stir up the charts either at home in the US or abroad, their sophomoric diseased release Blessed are the Sick showed some signs of life and peaked at the 26th spot in Greece. These first two albums also set the tone of the latter deathly repertory by having Trey Azagthoth command the band both as the guitarist and the songwriter, with David Vincent on the bass as well as mouthing the accursed lyrics, Richard Brunelle acting as second in command on the guitar, and Pete Sandoval drilling the drums. Blessed are indeed the sick ones who lock down some cheap Morbid Angels tickets without any resistance.
1993's Covenant broke into the mainstream US charts by attaining a high rank of 24 on the Top Heatseekers chart. Blessed are the Sick had already defined the new ground that Morbid Angel had broken with regards to their lyrical lambasting. To the traditional satanic and pagan eulogizing, they additionally incorporated reverence for the ancient Sumerian pantheon, namely, Tiamat, the chaos monster, Kingu the evil wind who slew Tiamat and Apsu, the watery void from which all life sprang from. Songs such as "the Ancient ones" from blessed are the Sick and "Angle of Disease" from Covenant succinctly capture this Sumerian sagaciousness. Domination was released in 1995 by the record label Giant similar to its predecessor record and continued Morbid Angel's rise to fame by peaking at the 13th spot on the US Top Heatseekers chart. Your Morbid Angel tickets will be your passports to rub your shoulders with these giants of the death metal world.
Formulas to the Flesh, released in 1998 by Earache again, reprised their angered assault on the traditionally sacred religious institutions of Christ, Virgin Mary, Jehovah and the Gates of Heaven, and sought solace from the assembly of the Anunnaki to deliver them. However, according to Sumerian mythology and its analysis by Zecharia Sitchin, it was the Anunnaki themselves who created humans as a hybrid species to serve their interests on Earth, namely to mine the gold to keep the atmosphere of their home planet Nibiru intact. Hence if anything, the Anunnaki should be denounced by Morbid Angel along with the rest of the exacting Judeo-Christian doctrines.
Released at the turn of the new millennium, Gateways to Annihilation opened up more sonic portals for only the most diehard Morbid Angel's fans to storm through. However, 2003's Heretic was reminiscent of more darker undertones typical of Morbid Angel's soaring days and peaked in the late twenties on both the US Top Heatseekers and Independent Albums chart. With Illud Divinum Insanus released in 2011, Morbid Angel changed both tact and label, having the record released through Season of Mist. This became their first studio offering to chart on Billboard 200 and also their most successful commercial musical confluence, peaking at the 3rd spot on the US Top Heatseekers chart. Though Morbid Angel has been actively touring since their inception, the 2000s saw them descend upon a number of European music festivals and in 2011, Morbid Angel were headliners at the California's Scion Rock Fest. So secure some Morbid Angel tickets now to be riddled with piercing sonic compositions and hoarse hateful haranguing. 

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