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Music is a medium that transcends all barriers and boundaries. Today that is even truer with media and technology reaching a stage that allows connectivity and integration of a global scale. With television and more importantly the internet people can now listen not only to local music but also from anywhere else in the world. Through the connectivity that media provides artists and bands have the power to go international and achieve greater stardom and popularity. Artists such as Michael Jackson or famed bands such as U2 became true international icons, with their albums selling worldwide and their concert tours taking them to every continent. Hence media has become a powerful tool in helping music propagate and musicians to become true globe trotters. For a lot of artists and bands, they have greater renown and following internationally than in their own countries and hence bear the fruits of media. This has also lead to local traditional and cultural music getting international exposure, as well as various musical genres from the outside to stream in and shape local tastes. Such has been the case with the metal genre which has gained widespread popularity in Germany and many Scandinavian nations. The Kreator Accept tickets which are available for sale will let you see two among the finest thrash metal bands Germany has to offer.

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Metal fans interested in being part of these two bands’ North American tour would be able to find cheap Kreator Accept tickets available on the internet. These are guaranteed to be a good bargain for this is a show that you would not want to miss out on. Both bands hail from Germany and are thrash metal powerhouses with a significant following in their home country as well as an impressive international recognition. German metal bands have gained much exposure and success on the international level after having produced the likes of “Rammstein” and ”Oomph!” both enjoying tremendous acclaim worldwide despite the fact that they sing entirely in German. 
Kreator began its foray into the world of thrash metal in 1982 and was formerly named Tormentor, until the change of name. The band has undergone changes in lineup over the years with the current members being Millan Petrozza taking over vocal duties, Sami Yli-Sirnio on guitars, Christian Geisler on bass guitar and Jurgen Reil being the drummer. The Kreator Accept tickets will give fans a chance to see this talented lineup of musicians energize the crowd with their numerous hits. Over its three decade career the band has released thirteen albums and a live album. The band is renowned particularly for its album “Pleasure to Kill” released in 1986 and “Hordes of Chaos” in 2009 both of which performed admirably on the charts both locally and internationally, particularly in the United States. The band will be performing songs from both the albums in the tour with the band Accept so fans should be racing to get their hands on the Kreator Accept tickets which are out for sale.
The band Accept which is jointly touring North America with Kreator has been credited as one of the pioneers of the speed metal genre. They are also a product of a wave of German heavy metal to emerge in the 1980s and have garnered much commercial success since then. The band has also undergone a few lineup changes with the current members including front man Mark Tornillo, Wolf Hoffman and Herman Frank on guitars, Peter Baltes on the bass with Stefan Schwarzmann rounding off with the drums. The band has 27 million worldwide record sales to its name and owing to its popularity the tickets for the upcoming North American tour will be in great demand. Fans can also avail the opportunity of finding cheap Kreator Accept tickets online as the band tour with fellow Germans, Kreator.
Accept has released thirteen studio albums to date along with three live albums. Their most famous record has been “Balls to the Wall” released in 1983 with their track also going by the same name being their most popular one to date. Their song “Fast as a Shark” is also famous and the band will be playing them along with songs from their new and highest charting album “Blood of the Nations” at the upcoming North American tour with the band Kreator. So fans should get buying on those tickets and also start searching online for cheap Kreator Accept tickets which are available for sale.

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