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Iron maiden, the undisputed kings of heavy metal have entertained their fans for more than three decades now. Known for their power-packed concert performances, detailed sets and the omnipresent mascot, Eddie; this band has existed since 1975. Having produced thirty albums, this band surely knows how to rock its loyal fan base. Releasing plenty of platinum and gold albums the band gained a solid fan base across the world. Come buy your Iron Maiden Tickets today and witness these pioneers of British Heavy Metal in a live concert. Prepare yourself for an evening of electrifying music and outstanding performances by the very charismatic band we all know as, Iron Maiden.

About Iron Maiden

Being ranked at number 24 in VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock and fourth on MTV's top 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Bands of All time, Iron Maiden has made it clear to all its rivals and contemporaries that it will continue giving hit after hit and that there is absolutely no stopping them. The Current band members include, Adrian Smith on backing vocals and guitar, on lead vocals we see Bruce Dickison, while Janick Gers is the guitarist of the band. The band has Dave Murray as a guitarist as well. Nicko McBrain plays on drums and percussion, while Steve Harris is on backing vocals, studio keyboards and bass.

This English heavy metal band belonging to Leyton, East England has been spreading its magic since 1975. This one of its kind band was formed by songwriter and bassist Steve Harris. The band was catapulted to amazing heights of popularity right at the beginning of the 1980's. Plenty of lineup changes were introduced in the band back then and once they were done with deciding on the Lineup, a series of gold and platinum status album were released. Albums such as the Piece of mind, The Number One of the Beast, Live After Death, Somewhere in Time and last but not the least, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son created waves among music lovers. Another of their super hit studio albums, A Matter of Life and Death, landed on number nine spot on the Billboard 200 and ranked fourth in the UK music charts. Receiving rave reviews from music lover and critics alike, the album received world class fame and reached platinum status even in India. The lyrics of the album speak on matters such as religion and war hence it carried worldwide acclaim.

Known as one of the most successful heavy metal bands the world has witnessed ever, Iron Maiden has sold a total of 100 million records worldwide. Their induction into the Hollywood Rockwall in Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles and the Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement in 2002, made it clear that this band is here to stay. Till yet, they have performed in more than two hundred live shows and it seems like their fans can't get enough of them. Their loyal fan base spreads across Europe, United States and even in parts of Asia.

The band has produced several studio albums under different labels such as, Epic, EMI, Sanctuary, Columbia, Capitol and Portrait. The names of their fourteen studio albums include, Killers (1981), Piece of Mind in (1983), Iron Maiden in (1980), Number of Beast in (1982), Powerslave (1984), Seventh Son of a Seventh Son came in (1988), Somewhere in time (1986). No Prayer for the Dying (1990), The X Factor (1995), Brave New World (2000), Fear of the Dark (1992), Dance of Death (2003), A matter of Life and Death (2006) and their latest offering The Final Frontier.

Iron Maiden has won plenty of awards and performed in several gates-shattering concerts the world over. A few of the recent awards won by Iron Maiden include Britt Awards in 2009 for the best British Live act, Emma Gaala Award twice in 2004 and again 2008, Metal Storm Awards in 2006, and various other honors. This super talented band has the honor of winning the Juno Award in 2010, and it won the BBC Heavy Metal World Cup, as the greatest heavy metal band of all time. So what are you waiting for just grab your Iron Maiden Tickets today and make your friends envy you!

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