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In the days of yore, damsels in distress were a common feature, waiting to be rescued by knights in shining armor. However, come 20th century, one maiden arose that could literary whop the lights of the current crop of knights, Sir Elton John being a case in point, who would need rescuing himself if he ever was to encounter this manic entity. Get some cheap Iron Maiden Albuquerque tickets to get a taste of her musical arsenal. Forged in the bowels of the London's heavy metal scene in the 1970s by bassist Steve Harris, Iron Maiden went through a couple of tumultuous years with members joining and quitting due to riffs and differences, such as the original vocalist Paul Day and guitarist Bo Sawyer. The quintessential Iron Maiden lineup materialized at the onset of eighties with Bruce Dickinson coming on board as lead vocalist.

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From their self-titled debut album release in 1980 to breaching the Final Frontier in 2010, Iron Maiden has adorned itself with copious gold and platinum records courtesy 15 studio albums and a host of live albums, compilations and Extended Plays. The Iron Maiden Albuquerque performance is surely going to be a veritable hammering courtesy the biggest metal band of all time. Iron Maiden's repertoire entails 13 top-ten records that include seven chart-toppers all over and smash hits such "Run to the Hills," "Wasted Years," "Can I Play with Madness" and "El Dorado," the later receiving the 2011 ‘Best Metal Performance’ Grammy. Nail some Iron Maiden Albuquerque tickets now to be subjected to some manic melodies.