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Gwar is an American rock band that was created in Richmond in Virginia. The band is famous for its innovative horror film and sci-fi costumes, graphic on stage live performances which comprise of ethically taboo theme and comedic re-enactments of political themes. Over a period of time, the band has successfully sold more than 30 million copies of their albums all over the world.

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 When the band was first created most of its musical genre consisted of simple songs which were short. Gwar the band, then evolved their musical style over the years into massive hardcore inspired crossover thrash music. This transformation in their musical style can be heard in the albums “America Must Be Destroyed”, “Scumbags of the Universe” and “This Toilet Earth”. As time went by, this experimental style of music was then converted into a chaotic combination of all types of genres which were more evident in their albums by the names of “Ragnarok” and “Carnival of Chaos”. The “Ragarok” album of the band’s featured a diverse variety in their musical style of any point in the career of the band. “We Kill Everything” another album of the band that was released in 1999 presented to the world an altogether different and unique sound. The sound in the album was largely influenced by the band’s “Hell-O” period. This experiment ended up in the band confessing that the “We Kill Everything” album was probably their worst release since their inception. The band’s disapproval of “We Kill Everything” drove them into going back to their original thrash metal genre of music. With the release of “Violence Has Arrived”, the band’s music took a new route towards a more technical sound of music derived from the thrash metal genre. This new experiment of the band went well and can be heard in: “Beyond hell”, “Bloody Pit of Horror”, “War Party” and “Lust in Space”.

 Nearly all of the extremely unique costumes that the Gwar band wears while performing on the live on stage performances of theirs are made out of Styrofoam, foam latex and hardened rubber. The costumes that they wear cover very little parts of their bodies while the rest of their bodies are covered in heavy makeup. They make their concerts really interesting by spraying fluids of different kinds on the audiences to jolt them. Many of these fluids that are sprayed on the audience are made out of pure water which has powdered food coloring elements in them. These fluids wash out and flake off with no trouble. They sometimes make the use of some thick fluids which are made out of the clear seaweed extract better known as carrageenan. It is an extract which is also used in milkshakes as well as ice creams. Thus, they are not harmful at all. The band does not make the use of stage blood or any types of syrups as that can lead to damaging the costumes of the band members who are performing on stage. While the band is performing in a live concert, they are well known to seldom act out in their encore without their costumes or anything else.

Whenever the rock band Gwar is performing live. One of their trademarks is in making a parody of famous celebrities as well as popular people who are engaged in current events. Some of the targets of the band have been John Kerry, Mike Tyson, O.J Simpson, as well as nearly every US President starting from Ronald Reagan, the famed terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Steve Wilkos, Jerry Garcia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jackson, Adolf Hitler, John McCain, Paris Hilton, Sarah Palin, Lady Gaga, Jerry Springer, Bernard Madoff, Mr. Lordi and various other people. The band is known for making regular references to historical as well as political figures, also mythology and fantasy literature. For example, the song of the band by the name of “Whargoul” makes a very strong reference to Minas Morgul along with the timeless warrior named Michael Moorcock. The band has made several references to H.P. Lovecraft subjects such as Giant Penguins, Fleshy Insanities, Yig, Antarctica and many more. To further add more to the subject, the band’s fifth album “Ragnarok” is derived from the Norse mythology.  The Gwar has been given two Grammy nominations in the past, one for the Best Metal Performance “S.F.W” and another for the Best Long Form Music Video “Phallus in Wonderland”. The band has also given a spectacular performance with fire dancing before the band member/character “Slymenstra Hymen” left the group. If you are a fan of the band or just a fan of watching some really awesome and thrilling live performances by a rock band, then get the Gwar tickets. You will truly enjoy the uniqueness of the live performance of this band.

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