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Clutch is a four member rock band belonging to Maryland. It was formed by Neil Fallon, Dan Maines, Tim Sult and Jean Paul Gaster in 1990. The band has released nine albums till today, apart from their live records. The band released their debut LP named “Transnational Speedway League” in 1993. Their self titled album followed, for the first time bringing the band mainstream success. After that they signed to Columbia Records and in 1998, their album “The Elephant Riders” was released. Now catch their songs in a live setup by booking your share of cheap Clutch Baltimore tickets before they run out!

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Clutch released “Pure Rock Fury” in 2001 and it was followed by two of their singles Open Up the Borders and Immortal, both of which received quite a lot of airplay. This was followed by the release of yet another successful album in 2004 by the name “Blast Tyrant.” The album was rereleased in 2011 featuring some bonus tracks. In October of 2012 the band announced the release of their tenth album by the name of “Earth Rocker” and it’s very first single titled Earth Rocker was released in the January of 2013 as a teaser. Now with new tracks in store, the band is planning to hit the road once again to entertain the fans live. If you wish to be entertained, now is the right time to purchase Clutch Baltimore tickets.

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