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From Japan comes a group that is a mammoth in its own right, not only in Japan but all over the world. This group, known as simply B'z, is made up Koshi Inaba, the vocalist and lyricist of the duo and Takahiro "Tak" Matsumoto, the guitarist, composer and producer of B'z.

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This duo has broken records and has released music that is both epical in terms of quality and quantity. B'z has had forty four consecutive number one singles, twenty three different number one albums and have collectively sold over seventy nine million records in Japan alone, with numerous more around the world. Now that is a record as tall as Mt. Everest itself, for no other band or artist can lay claim to such a feat. In fact, the success of bz was so much that they became the first Asian band to have their signatures and handprints on Hollywood’s Rock Walk after being recommended by Steve Vai.Thus, a Japanese sensation come to San Franscico is definitely an event worth seeing for some foreign hard rock and entertaining performances. It isn’t only for Japanese but for all Americans, particularly if you are a fan of Japanese culture through media such as anime and manga. Fans of such would definitely want to see this band play live as it has created music for soundtracks of popular animes. And how can you get to see these Japanese emperors of metal? Its simple, actually. Simply grab B'z San Francisco tickets!