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During the eighties, a variation of rock music, called heavy metal, started to get popular as an increasing number of bands started to experiment with this new genre. Black Sabbath were at the forefront of this revolution as their use of heavy distorted guitar riffs, wailing vocals and controversial lyrics provided a voice to the disenchanted youth of that time.

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The start of a phenomenon

The band was formed by Tony Iommi (guitar, songwriting) and Bill Ward (drums) who used to play in a band named Mythology. After the group broke up, they decided to start a new blues rock band and recruited Ozzy Osbourne (vocals) and Geezer Butler (bass, lyrics) to form the “Polka Tulk Blues Band”. In 1963, a horror movie called Black Sabbath came out. The movie became the inspiration behind the band’s name and their first major hit single. It also resulted in a change in the group’s sound as it became darker and heavier than before.

The Black Sabbath legacy

Their first, self titled album came out in 1970 and it became an instant commercial success. It was certified platinum and made it to number eight on the UK music charts. Since then they have released nineteen albums, of which four each are certified gold and platinum, while two recorded multi platinum sales.

Now that they are heading out on tour, here is your chance to see these legends live on stage. Just get your Black Sabbath Chicago tickets and be a part of an electrifying concert live at the United Center.

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