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Biohazard and Madball are considered to be the best rap metal and hardcore punk bands of today. Hailing from New York City, both have often been classified as one of those exceptional bands which have very successfully synthesized elements of hip hop with heavy metal and hardcore punk. Not only famous amongst their fans in the United States, they have been constantly gaining fans all over the world with their ever increasing world tours. These two bands are a real treat for punk rock lovers, wherever and whenever they have performed. Unlike in the past, they have now decided to come together as a dynamic duo, only for you! Surely Biohazard Madball tickets are going to be the hottest ticket in your town!

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About Biohazard Madball

Biohazard was formed in Brooklyn in 1987 and presently consists of gifted musicians like Bobby Hambel, Danny Schuler, and Billy Graziadei. Out of the original members that formed this world famous group, only Hambel still remains with the band. In the beginning, the band would play at the local New York clubs and bars. It wasn’t hard for the struggling band to gain recognition since their songs were often about those social ills afflicting not only America’s urban communities, but urban societies all over the world; violence, drugs and gang-wars. The fact that the band’s music is about today’s realities has quickly gained them fans all over the world in addition to winning raving comments from music critics. While playing at New York’s local music scene earned them name recognition, the release of their debut album got them a solid foot in the music industry’s door.
Biohazard was released three years after the band was formed and contained hit songs like “Scarred For Life”, “There and Back”, “Pain”, “Hold My Own”, and plenty others. Although the album was liked by the fans, it did not do too well commercially due to poor promotion on part of the record label. All of this misfortune would change however with the release of their second album, Urban Discipline. The album would go on to sell over 1 million records worldwide. In addition to being a commercial success it received a solid 4.5 star rating from Allmusic, clear evidence that it was well received amongst the music critic community! The album had several unforgettable numbers like “Tears of Blood”, “Loss”, “Disease”, “Shades of Grey”, and “Punishment”. The last song became particularly famous since it made history with MTV music channel. Its video became the most played in the history of the channel’s Headbanger’s Ball. Ever since the release of this album, the band has not looked back and has released one successful album after another.
The best news however remains that not one but two all-time famous punk rock bands are going to perform for you! There are plenty of similarities between Biohazard and Madball. One of them is that both have made special arrangements for their fans to enjoy their concerts at discounted rates. Therefore cheap Biohazard Madball tickets have always been eagerly awaited by their fans! And speaking of similarities, both bands are from the big apple and both play the same music genre; hardcore punk. They both started off at about the same time. Madball, unlike Biohazard, however was the side project of another band called, Agnostic Front. It is interesting to note however that Biohazard during its struggling phase had shared stage with Agnostic Front on multiple occasions. The dynamic duo is a delight to watch and with their electrifying stage performances their concerts have become a must attend event! Coupled with the fact that cheap Biohazard Madball tickets are available, who would not like to attend the concert?
Madball, too, has released multiple albums, which have enjoyed both commercial and critical success all over the world. Consisted of exceptional musicians like Igor Wouters, Mitts, Hoya Roc, and Freddy Cricien, the band has released Infiltrate the System, Legacy, Hold it Down, Look My Way, and Ball of Destruction, etc. Their latest album however remains Empire, which was released in 2010 and contained hit songs like “Delete”, “Tough Guy”, “The End”, and “Invigorate”, plus plenty more!
So as the two best bands of hardcore punk music come to your town, this is your golden chance to cash on this unique opportunity. The two may not be getting together anytime soon and coming your way! So do not think anymore and buy your Biohazard Madball tickets now!

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