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Andrew W. K. is an unmatched name of pop-rock. He is a unique artist who has made a place for himself in the highly competitive world of pop-rock. Andrew started his music career by adopting a unique mix of uplifting, positive and high energy musical styles and themes. It can often be hard to put Andrew into a certain genre or style; he is a dynamic, multi-dimensional musician and a highly creative and skilled performer. Often times called ‘THE KING OF PARTYING’, has been rocking the party since 2001.

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Andrew W.K.

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Andrew W.K. The Opera House - Toronto Toronto Tuesday
10/17/2017 8:00 PM
Andrew W.K. Saint Andrews Hall - Detroit Detroit Wednesday
10/18/2017 7:00 PM
Andrew W.K. A and R Music Bar Columbus Thursday
10/19/2017 7:00 PM
Andrew W.K. The Rave - Milwaukee Milwaukee Friday
10/20/2017 8:00 PM
Andrew W.K. Vic Theatre Chicago Saturday
10/21/2017 8:00 PM

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Andrew W.K. Chicago TicketsAndrew W.K. Columbus TicketsAndrew W.K. Detroit Tickets
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About Andrew WK

Over the last decade he has made his signature ‘bloody nose’ quite famous. Most of his songs especially ‘You will remember tonight’ and Party Hard’ ask us to have a fun loving and optimistic attitude to life. Other master pieces like ‘We want fun’ resonates with fans of all ages as it is about a basic human need, the need to live a happy and fulfilling life. Join him this summer on his nationwide tour by booking Andrew W. K. tickets. Andrew’s music is essentially a mix of modern hard rock, heavy metal and progressive rock styles. His music is different because unlike most hark rock and heavy metal music, it does not deal with negative and aggressive themes that are typical in this genre. Instead, he channels the force and energy of monstrous guitars riffs, thundering drum rolls and screaming vocals into a positive celebration of life. One could say that his music is an opposite of other progressive rock bands like the Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Hence, his music has something extra to offer for all. From hard core head bangers to the party loving, pop music listening crowd, everyone can enjoy his music.
Andrew W. K. arrived onto the musical scene with his 2001 Album, ‘I Get Wet’. The album drew a lot of attention due to its unique cover art, which depicted a stream of blood dripping from his nose and running all the way down to his neck. The album featured singles on the Billboard heat seeks list, helping Andrew find a slot touring with hark rock legend Ozzy Ozzbourne in the Ozzfest tour. Various singles form the album were featured on move and video game sounds tracks, TV and online adds as well as live play in sports arenas. His next album ‘The Wolf’, featured Andrew playing all the instruments in the studio. The album was well received but became memorable for a different reason. While touring for the album Andrew broke his foot. Not wanting to disappoint his fans he kept on touring and performing form a wheel chair!  This tour was phenomenal, fan and pop-rock fans poured in from all over the country to see him perform.

In 2008, Andrew released multiple albums simultaneously, which included a first time compilation a ‘Best of ‘album. This effort was a set of pop covers and a second album as well as a collection of some previously unreleased songs. Andrew later proved his range and versatility by releasing the album ‘CADILLAC 55’, a collection of improvised piano singles. Andrew’s positively and his love for life is not limited to just his music. In 2005 he started a public lecture tour where would try to motive people and give them self-help tips. He evolved his self-help sessions and make them something of a party! During the 2007 “One Man Show” tour Andrew adopted a format where the show started with his piano improvisation, followed by an interactive conversation session with the audience, ultimately becoming something of a huge party. The audience would join Andrew on the stage and dance and sing with him!
W.K. has a true gift, his positivity is in truly infectious. He received high praise from various sections of the society for his motivational speaking. He was ultimately invited by some of the top tier universities to speak at their campus which included Yale, Missouri Western State University, New York University, University of Wisconsin, Northeastern University, Carnegie Mellon University and The Cooper Union. These tours made the artist a true celebrity; he was followed by huge crowds everywhere. This year the artist is coming to inspire you with his new themes and motivational stance. Join him on his tour by booking cheap Andrew W. K. tickets are also available. Grab them to make your trip cheap and cheerful all the way.

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