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Hard Rock Metal is a much-loved music genre which has an extensive fan base in the generation-now. Emerging in and around 1960s, rock music has gained massive popularity all over the globe. Over the decades, rock genre has grown vastly, branching into various other sub genres. The roots of the original rock music can be traced back to as early as 1940s when it was known as rock and roll music. The major development of the genre took place both in United States and United Kingdom. As the genre progressed and developed, it started incorporating elements of other genres like classical, jazz and folk music.  At its core, rock music is mostly based around the extensive use of electric guitar paired with a set of drums and a bass guitar. But over the years, rock bands have also incorporated various other western as well as eastern instruments in their music. In its most basic form, rock music mostly relied upon a usual verse-chorus form in the songs, but with innovations making their way; that rule of a thumb cannot be applied anymore. As far as the theme of the songs is concerned, it can range from a love song to any sort of song addressing socio-political standings. The idea of authentic sound and live performance has always remained dominant when it comes to rock music, as compared to pop music.
When hordes of new rock bands started making their place in the mainstream market, each of those bands introduced their own distinct interpretation of the rock genre. And as a result, by late 60s, rock music was divided up into sub genres. Some of the sub genres that emerged out of that time included psychedelic rock, country rock, glam rock, progressive rock and hard rock metal music. Hard rock music emerged during late 60s and soft rock was its counterpart. As the name suggests, soft rock mainly relied upon harmonies, acoustic guitar and melodies, while hard rock was quite the opposite of it. Hard rock was basically derived from blues rock, and offers much more intensity and energy as compared to soft rock. Hard rock songs made extensive use of distorted riffs, and aggressive guitar playing. Some of the greats of hard rock music include AC/DC, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix and Thin Lizzy. When it comes to highly energetic live performances that gets the adrenaline pumping, hard rock concert has no rival. All over the globe, 2015 hard rock metal tickets are sought upon whenever some highly followed hard rock band steps out to perform live. And in that regard, hard rock metal tickets grow high in demand, as the fans pour in to see their favorite acts performing live.
Hard rock developed into a fully developed sub genre of rock music back in the 1970s thanks to out of the ordinary work of bands like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and Deep Purple. As the new, highly talented hard rock bands are continuously joining the charade, the popularity and demand for cheap hard rock metal tickets is only growing.

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