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Awareness is extremely essential in order to live in a world that is full of activities which are not fruitful. Realization is the first step towards bringing about a change which otherwise would not have been possible. In this ever changing world concerts like Water Is Rising play a pivotal role in creating awareness among the masses about hazardous effects of global warming and stress on the need to save this world from its disastrous effects.

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About Water Is Rising

Water Is Rising consists of members who belong to three different countries of the world namely Tokelau, Kiribati and Tuvalu. The total members are thirty six and this selection is made after a lot of thinking and contemplation. These countries are very small as their population is 1,500, 100,000 and 12,000 respectively. In the United Nation Climate Changing Conference that took place in Copenhagen in the year 2009 it was decided that these regions of the world will be affected the most due to extreme climate changes as they are situated near the Pacific. Due to global warming they will be taken over by sea water because at present they are only three to five meters above sea level. This group will perform for the first time in America along the east and the west coast. The reason for their performances is to bring to the lime light the dangers global warming entails for the people belonging to different parts of the world. This venture is organized under the supervision of the Foundation for World Arts and the EarthWays Foundation along with the UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance. In order to bring awareness these artists will be conducting forty different types of educational programs for all university students and also adults in an attempt to make a difference in the existing world.
Water is Rising is an event that is full of excitement and will come as a wave of cool breeze in the daily monotonous routine. The cultures that exist in all these three countries have not yet fallen a prey to the rapidly growing urbanization. This infinity with nature and the ocean is what imparts them freshness and simplicity. Singing and dancing is a major part of their tradition because in all walks of life they give vent to their feeling through the medium of music and dance. Thus, it has become a means of expression for them. Men generally make music by beating a big wooden box and the women dance on its tunes making delicate and sensual movements.
The group will be performing on stage with different groups giving their own unique performance. These concerts will exhibit various acts and songs by the participants that will throw light on the strong and pure relationship they share with their family, lagoon, ocean and the church. The excitement and extravagance will show their hope in having a better environment in spite of the hazardous effects of global warming and other such climatic changes. Their unity inspires us to stand united in the hour of need i.e. to raise a voice against the factor causing such changes. Throughout the event attention is given to each and every detail of the concert including the visuals and the ambiance that would bring forth the real essence of the people belonging to such remote areas of the world.
The Water Is Rising Tickets will help you contribute and take part in a noble cause of bringing about a change and make this world a better place to live in. It will also tell us about our responsibilities and will leave a positive impact on the minds of its audience which is essential for living a healthy life.

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