Tamer Hosny Detroit Tickets

 Tamer Hosny Detroit Tickets

 Citizens across Michigan, and particularly in Detroit are extremely excited to welcome one of the best known names of music in the Arab world to their community. World renowned singer and director, Tamer Hosny will be performing live at Detroit Opera House on February 18. The Arabic pop star, also referred to as ‘King of Generation’ is guaranteed to turn this event into a one-of-its-kind show. Tamer Hosny Detroit tickets are available, and fans all over are grabbing as many as they can before they run out.

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About Tamer Hosny Detroit Tickets

Hosny’s debut album, ‘Hob’ or Love, marked his entry into the pop scene, with the single ‘Arrab Habibi’ topping charts in the Arab world, quite an achievement for a solo artist. In 2009, he released his first English song, titled Come Back to Me, which also became popular in the region. Tamer Hosny has also produced a number of films, boldly outlining the problems in Arab society, and reintroducing the element of romance to the screen. He has earned countless awards in his home country, Egypt, in addition to Arab Sound Awards for Best Arab Singer and Best Track of the Year. It is no wonder then, that a large chunk of the population in Detroit is lining up to buy Tamer Hosny Detroit Tickets.

The young pop star is all set to give a mind blowing performance this February in Detroit. It is not often that Arabic singers tour in the United States, and this concert is a golden opportunity that you must not miss! We have some sweet deals on Tamer Hosny Detroit tickets, so check them out  now!