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Now you are in for an amazing treat as one of the hottest singers from Taiwan is ready to grace the stages all over the world during his upcoming tour, which is just around the corner. We are referring to none other than Samuel Toi, who took the nation by storm due to his melodic music and exciting live performances. Born in Hong Kong on the 6th of November, 1966, Samuel Toi is the embodiment of everything that a musician should be. Now, he is coming for some powerful performances in Rama, and the upcoming Samuel Toi Rama shows are not to be missed. We provide you with a chance to capture cheap Samuel Toi Rama tickets only with us. So grab the best Samuel Toi Rama tickets today and have a blast.

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Samuel Toi graduated with a medical degree from Taiwan University. But instead of pursuing a career in medicine, he decided to follow his passion and started to compose music. Before he started his own career, he composed music for other musicians. However, he took part in a music competition in the year 1988. The competition was called Band Exposure. He won a prize in the contest by singing the song titled Wu Nai. He was then picked up by a recording label called UFO Records. He managed to get a recording deal with the company and started to create his own music.
Samuel Toi has been known as the Prince of Love Songs. He has composed numerous love songs which have gone on to become massive hits. One of the his most popular tracks is titled Jui bai jiu shi jiu duo mei gui. This was released in the year 1993 and topped the charts 999 Red Roses. He is the heart throb of girls all over the world and performs to sold out audiences wherever he goes. Some of his most popular albums include hits such as Step by Step Promotion, Classical Mandarin Songs, Modern Replay With You Live Concert, A Pearl in the East, Thousand Paper Birds, and various more as well.
Now, this talented musician is on his way to Rama to give you some smashing Samuel Toi Rama concerts. Do not miss these exciting shows as they will surely be loaded with enchanting music, a great atmosphere and lots of fun. Bring your friends and family as well as we are giving away cheap Samuel Toi Rama tickets. So be the first to grab the Samuel Toi Rama tickets and get ready to have the time of your life!